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Why NetApp Storage Solutions are Worth Investing In

As data increases each passing day, the need for better storage solutions arises. For instance, no one wants a huge storage device despite the increase. Equally important, no one also wants to spend so much on a storage solution. Throwing away data isn’t an option, and that’s why it is important to look for a better solution that will rise to the occasion. One such option is the NetApp storage solution.

When it comes to NetApp, it has solutions that are probably common among similar products. They make it perfect for data storage and migration needs. That said and done, there are other reasons why it outshines most of its counterparts. That’s what we will be looking at in a moment. So, keep reading as we progress.

1. Private Storage

It is often hard to come across a cloud storage solution that’s public and private yet suitable. However, Netapps Private Storage (NPS) will ensure that the issue will no longer bother you. Given the strict compliance when it comes to data management, you need a reliable solution, and this is precisely what you get from this.

The service introduces various cloud environments. Consequently, you have more control over your data, and that’s the privacy we seek all the time. Under such circumstances, it becomes possible to control two crucial camps. There is mobility, scalability, and security in one camp. The other one revolves around efficiency and availability. Once all that is achieved, life becomes easy.

2. AltaVault Appliance

This is proving to be quite important at a time when the volume of data keeps increasing. The feature ensures that the volume becomes manageable by compressing it. The interesting part about it is that it doesn’t compromise the quality of data during compression. Once the data is compressed, which doesn’t take much time, it becomes quite to transfer data whenever needed.

It is a feature that makes any data migration quite simple and fast. Consequently, it becomes easy for an organization to achieve data necessary for compliance or create a backup necessary for every organization.

3. Data ONTAP Edge

This is also perfect for managing huge volumes of data. It makes scaling virtualized infrastructure easy, and that’s perfect when the volume becomes too huge. Consequently, you get to save a lot of storage space without having to lose any data. In addition to saving space, you can also do the necessary updates even during hard times. That’s often hard to achieve in most organizations since it leads to disruptions and downtime.

Besides timely updates, management of data stored in cloud, flash, and disk becomes efficient. Testing and development of applications also become easy. No need for your staff member to work overtime in the name of updating storage infrastructure either. It is something beneficial to the organization and staff members.


So, if you were on the fence regarding considering NetApp storage solutions, getting out of the dilemma would now be easy. You are well aware of some of its features that can make a huge difference in any organization. Saving a lot of data has become a necessity, and these storage solutions are rising to the occasion on time, and that’s commendable.

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