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Why Older People are Selling Their Homes & Moving to Florida?

In 2021, more people are moving to Florida than ever before. The sunshine state attracts people from all around the world because of the beautiful warm weather, year-round, and wide array of housing options to choose from. There are many different reasons why people are selling their homes in other states and moving to Florida, to retire in style. Many cities here are destination hot spots for vacations like Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and The Florida Keys. But which cities are the best places to buy a home?

So much goes into the decision to pick up everything you own, and relocate to a different state, where everything is brand new, to you. So, lets dive a little bit deeper into exactly what Florida offers retirees today.

Low & No Taxes

Florida is known for having no state income tax. That means that people who live in Florida do not have to save for and pay state taxes, on top of the federal taxes which are mandatory. Still, paying zero state taxes on each paycheck adds up to a large savings, yearly.

Here is the exact breakdown of tax benefits for seniors:

Florida has no state income tax, no state taxes on Social Security, No inheritance or Estate tax, and a Homestead exemption on property taxes for permanent Florida residents.

Extensive Home Loans & Mortgage Options Available in Florida!

People who are looking to move to Florida to retire and wish to purchase a home, but need a loan, will be happy at the monthly savings that low taxes makes. You can play around with an official Florida mortgage calculator, to see exactly what this could mean to you financially. Typically, folks moving from northern states like New York, and Connecticut, are shocked at how affordable Florida Real Estate truly is, when everything is considered.

Great Weather Year-Round, Well Almost!

Florida, AKA, The Sunshine State, has warm, tropical climate, that provides sunny days year-round. The winter nights are the best, and you will experience picture perfect weather. during the wintertime. Some days in November and December are so crystal clear and the air is clean and feels wonderful against your skin as it briskly wisps by.

Christmas in Florida is a bit different than you may be used to, because instead of snow and cold weather, you will experience sandy beaches and perfect 60-degree temperatures, without a cloud in the sky, most years.

The summertime is hot, there is no doubt about it. However, Florida offers thousands of miles of pristine beaches, with warm ocean water, that you can utilize to chill out on hot summer days. Plus, most of the homes within communities provide swimming pools for their residents, that can be used year-round to cool off steps from your home. Plus, Florida provides a plethora of things to do indoors to beat the heat, and explore some of the finest dining available, along with, high end shopping, Theatre, and more.

For those who enjoy being outdoors, the summertime can provide some amazing experience, right in your own backyard. The beaches are amazing, and locals know the best places to spot natural wildlife like dolphins swimming by, or manatees laying around in the flats.

Nothing beats spending the afternoon at the beach with an umbrella to partially block the sun, and some cold drinks and snacks. You will be surprised at how easily you can relax and enjoy every moment of being there.

Great Housing Options

You might think that Florida is full of waterfront mansions that cost millions of dollars. That is true in some areas like Bell Meade, Miami, Sewall’s Pointe, Stuart, and East Boca Raton.

But in addition to these impressive homes and communities there are a plethora of other neighborhoods in desirable cities that have attractive benefits with affordable prices.

For Example –Many of the Homes for sale in Port Saint Lucie Florida are comprised of new construction homes, with state-of-the-art upgrades and options. Not to mention they are built with the most up-to-date and modern building materials of today.

There are homes within gated, and non-gated communities, with resident only amenities, that cater to the older generation. Seniors can retire in style in these 55+ communities, where they never need to leave the neighborhood, other than for food and entertainment.

Many of these adult neighborhoods provide amazing swimming pools, fitness centers, golfing, and even on-site restaurants that deliver to residents at no additional charge.

Most new homes in 55+ communities in Port St Lucie and St Lucie West start around $350k. That is a bargain considering everything you receive from living there.

Fun in The Sun Lifestyle

As forementioned, Florida has some of the most beautiful coastline of any place in the world, with miles of pristine beaches, warm ocean waters, amazing fishing, and world-class golf have people flocking to the sunshine state.

Florida is Home to Destination Hot Spots!

Orlando boasts world famous theme parks and family attractions that include Disney World, Universal Studious, MGM, Epcot, Sea World, Lego Land, and SeaWorld. This attracts lots of families to the area and that has prompted local home builders to create entire 55+ neighborhoods that surround Orlando’s best attractions. This enables the grandparents to be closer to their children and grandchildren, while benefiting from the resident only amenities the neighborhoods typically provide, which are robust.

What Types of Properties Does Florida Offer?

The best part about looking at homes for sale in Florida, is that you will see an array of different architectural designed homes, and unique one-of-a-kind properties as well. Some obvious housing types are waterfront properties, with sprawling lots, and huge homes, set directly on the ocean, or Intracoastal waterways.

Others include the popular “Key West” style homes which are light and bright and provide plenty of access to the outdoors via many windows and doors, Some Florida Keys styled houses will come with covered Florida rooms that completely open to enjoy the winter months, and completely close as well to keep air conditioned during the hotter summer months.

Townhomes are especially popular throughout the state of Florida for their affordability and convenience. The typical Florida townhouses are physically connected with either 3 or 4 other units.

The townhome community is often governed by a Homeowners Association (HOA) who takes care of the common grounds, maintenance, lawn care, and other things, depending on what the HOA board decides.

These are very affordable and hassle-free way for seniors to retire in Florida and enjoy everything there is to do, without breaking the bank, or creating lots of extra work like mowing the grass etc.

Detached single-family homes are also popular with families or people who want more privacy, and a bigger lot. Not to mention that a single-family home is much larger than a condo or townhouse, but it is also more expensive most of the time.

In recent years, many single-family homes communities have popped up in popular Florida cities. Some are gated and some are not. Moreover, a percentage of these brand-new homes’ communities are 55+ and cater to adult lifestyles.

Wrapping Things Up

Hopefully you can see there are many reasons that make Florida an attractive place to consider retiring in. The weather, low taxes, brand new homes, affordable cost of living and natural beauty of the state are enough to draw thousands of people every month who are looking to buy a house and retire in style in the sunshine state.

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