How To Transform Your Shed From Drab To Fab

Most gardens have one, all lawn mowers need one, yet it’s often forgotten and left to fade into the background, blending in with the battered brown wooden fence.

We’re talking about the shed. Of course.

During the lockdown, many took the opportunity to turn their shed into a mini pub or a bar for a place to meet and socialize with family and friends. Others invested in YrPod garden office sheds for a place to work from home while keeping work and home life separate.

If you’re looking to give your garden shed a well-deserved makeover but have a limited budget or are unsure how to go about it, keep reading for some considered shed advice.

A Simple Lick Of Paint

For those with a low budget and little time, a quick paint job can be a fast and effective way to change up the look of your shed. While this doesn’t change the interior or functionality of your shed, it does make it more appealing to the eye and improves the overall appearance of your garden.

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This transformation can be completed over one weekend, depending on the size of your shed, but it should be a job easy to do by yourself for under £50.

Brighten The Surrounding Area

Is your shed hidden by bushes or overgrown plants? Is it tucked into the corner of your garden by the big tree? If it’s treated as a garage, it will look like one! Dress your shed up with some funky string lights or garden lamps by the front door to make it seem inviting and warm.

To go one step further, add a table and chairs by the front door of your shed to give it a sense of purpose and encourage the family to spend more time around it. So that whether you’re turning it into a garden office shed or a place to socialize, you can create an inviting environment.

Turn It Into A Useful Space

If you’re looking to spend a bit more money and time on transforming your shed, then the possibilities are endless. Create a garden office, gym, or even your very own bar.

To give the kids a place to play, make your garden shed watertight and add some windows, carpet and paint. You could even add levels in to make it their dream outdoor playhouse!

You can get your dream garden office shed with any budget, from £500 to £5000, starting with the basics such as waterproofing to high-end modifications including sound systems and TV’s.

Go The Whole Hog

For those with a larger budget, consider completely transforming your shed and potentially even rebuilding to make the most of the space and creating a home from home in your garden.

Whether you’re turning it into the perfect garden office shed or something as ‘extra’ as a hot-tub, the shed offers comfort, stability, and safety from creepy crawlies. Use this space as a hideout for the teenagers or a man cave for the hubby. You can even have an ideal garden office shed to host businesses for those who are self-employed!

When transforming your shed, you may be able to build a simple design with the help of a few friends, but for a more complex setup, there’s no harm in getting the professionals in. Shop around to find your favorite style and decide what purpose you want your new shed to fulfill.

Whatever design you choose, no doubt your neighbors will be impressed with your new garden digs. Just make sure to invite us round to check it out!

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