The things you need to know about making a medical negligence claim

Matters of medical negligence bring with them a huge amount of trauma and stress to those directly impacted by them. Having the deal with both the physical and emotional aftermath of being let down by those who are supposed to be caring for you can undoubtedly take a huge toll on you and the loved ones around you. As such, it’s important you seek the appropriate compensation for the pain and suffering that has resulted from it.

Of course, understanding and enacting a medical negligence claim can be easier said than done. The prospect of speaking to a solicitor and delving into the unknown can be daunting on a number of fronts. But today, addressing medical negligence issues is simpler and more accessible than ever – and certainly not something you should be afraid of.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of potential medical negligence, there are a few key things to know ahead of making a claim.

Understand what medical negligence actually means

One of the most overwhelming elements of medical negligence for the average person can be defining it in the first place. For the typical victim who has no medical knowledge, the idea of challenging an established professional individual or institution can seem intimidating to say the least.

In simple terms, medical negligence means that a medical professional has failed in their duty of care to you. This can be anything from a botched surgery to an incorrect diagnosis of a condition. If you think you have been let down by your medical professional, your first port of call should be to speak to a medical negligence specialist who can shed some light on whether you have a valid claim to your name or not.

Find a trusted solicitors and understand their process

When you do come to speak to a solicitor, make sure to do your research into finding a trusted provider with a good reputation for both successful claims and looking after their claimants. Once you’ve found your solicitor of choice, get to know their process. Get to know the time limits to make your claim, what services the solicitor will take care of for you and what to expect in terms of potential court action and timelines.

In almost all cases, your solicitor will work to a “no win, no fee” basis, meaning you won’t have to pay a penny unless your claim Is successful. Once you’re aware of the ins and outs of your claim and how to proceed, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with it.

Know your role

One of the great things about medical negligence claims today is that your solicitor will more or less take the case off your hands and progress it for you. As the victim, your role will be minimised as much as possible to avoid any unnecessary stress and responsibility being placed on you, but you’ll still have an important part to play in the process.

Your role will largely lie in being able to facilitate the evidence for the claim. That means acquiring and keeping all the documentation you can from your case and offering every bit of information you have to your solicitor. The more you can offer, the stronger the case you’ll have behind you.

Back yourself and get what you deserve

Through all of this, one thing to remember is that if you have been affected by medical negligence, you deserve to be compensated for it. Medical negligence can often result in life changing injuries and rock victims and their families to their core. While nothing can truly rectify a medical incident turning your life upside down, gaining the appropriate compensation for can help you to adjust to the new normal – not to mention it can help to improve services for others in the future.

There’s no denying medical negligence claims bring with them a sense of anxiety and stress, but with solicitors able to bear the brunt of the case for you, you should never fear going after what you deserve. Once you have an understanding of the medical negligence process, any valid claim should take care of itself.

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