How Will Gambling Regulations Change Around the World in 2022?

International gambling has moved at a phenomenal rate when you look at the last few years. Technology is progressing faster than ever before and it would also seem that customers are always on the lookout for new ways to not only play but also win. Bookies and casinos are also no longer the only gambling options available. If you want to know what regulations you should be looking out for or if you are interested in seeing how things are going to change then this is the guide for you.

Cryptocurrency is Going to Take Over

There has been a huge amount of growth when you look at the gambling world. By the looks of things, next year, things are going to get even bigger.  The best thing about cryptocurrency is that it gives you a  very high level of anonymity and many gamblers are turning to Bitcoin, Ethereum and more in an attempt to capitalise on this. Many of the current online casino providers are committed to the movement, saying that they are now going to start accepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment for deposits which, for the industry as a whole, is very good to say the least.


Advertising partners and casinos are now working with one another to ensure that income streams are rocketed. More and more users are now flocking to online play more than ever before and it would seem that there are even promotional offers and runs during live tournaments and games too. This allows larger, media companies to gain a much bigger foothold in the market. To claim their share, companies are going to have to start looking at untapped markets, which could bring about additional regulations to try and deal with this amount of movement.


Every single country in the world has very different laws when it comes to gambling. Of course, online gambling is no exception here. A lot of developing countries do not currently regulate gambling. It is an underground market. Many countries have also gone as far as to acknowledge this and they are working hard to try and make gambling much more transparent. They are also working to legalise casinos so that they can make money. Many brands, as a result, will try and expand their products so that they can get the boost they need.

VR and AR

The number of customers who choose to gamble has rocketed over recent years. A lot of this has happened because of the rise of AR gaming and VR gaming. This provides a very nice combination of virtual experiences as well as real-life experiences. This applies to several tech-savvy players. It would seem that 2022 is going to be a huge year as well because accessories are growing and they are also becoming far more accessible to the general public. This could generate a lot of revenue if companies can capitalise on it but at the same time, it would not be surprising to see further regulations brought in to try and cater to this market.

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