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Why Printing Should Form Part Of Your Managed IT Contract

Many businesses ignore their printing needs until they actually need a hard copy. With an increased number of business functions being carried out electronically, the notion of printing has become neglected.

However, there is still a business need for professionally printed material; make sure this is included in your IT managed service; here are a few tips as to what should be included related to print.

What must be included in the IT managed service for print?

If your business has decided to outsource your IT service and have, or are going to have a managed IT contract, enquire as to adding print to this setup. A professional example of how this has been done is Complete Document Solutions a dependable technology solution for Californian Businesses. With this example offering, you are able to choose between a managed IT service and stand-alone print service, but it would make sense for those in the cloud to opt for a combined service and include the following in your IT service. It just makes business sense.

If this is the way your business wants to go, then make sure to have the following:

  • Print, copy, and scanning should all be included in the package. With most documents shared electronically, there must be a quick and easy way to do this that is maintained and compatible with all your related tech. Remote workers must be able to securely access this technology as well.
  • Ability to print from anywhere on the network to a centralized printer. Should staff need to print something for a client, a presentation, or just to read and refer to, they must be able to do this wirelessly from anywhere to collect centrally.
  • High-quality, high-resolution print for those important meetings and to maintain company branding and reputation. Business quality printing must always be available; you never know when someone may need a brochure or the presentation in hard copy. Be prepared; you don’t want to have to dash to the local print shop.
  • Software packages related to the tech that is provided, Scanshare for the scanner for example. Such shared software will allow staff and remote workers to have access to the tech and be able to fully utilize the IT range of services.
  • The contract must be clear as to what’s included, be sure here as you don’t want to be faced with unplanned exorbitant costs.

How including print in your managed IT will save you money

By including print in your managed IT service, you are likely to save both money and time in that you will not need to think about engaging a print service independently. Communication with regard to everything tech and IT is with a centralized person or firm, making it a simpler process to set up and manage. Having someone else deal with the printer and scanner maintenance will improve employee efficiency, based on the amount of time spent cleaning, fixing, and removing paper jams. Lastly, the business will now be able to remove clutter as no longer will you need a stand-alone printer at each workstation or in each office. Hardware costs will reduce as will electricity and paper waste as you run fewer printers.

With managed IT being the way to manage both your traditional and remote office, it is clear that adding print to this will go a long way to ensuring that your business stays abreast with the rest.

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