Recycling Copper

Why Recycling Copper is a better choice as Compared to Extraction?

Recycling metal is a common trend today. Copper is one of the most recycled metals. It helps reduce the cost of metal in the market. The process of recycling is more efficient as compared to extraction. If you are in a manufacturing industry that uses a lot of copper or any other metal, recycled metal is the best option.

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Recycling offers numerous benefits. Some such advantages of recycling are mentioned below.

  1. Preserving natural resources

Any metal is extracted from natural resources. Mining is one of the processes that is used for extracting metal from its ore. Ore is a form of natural resources. Just like other recourses, the ore is limited. Thus mines extract metal from underground ores.

The process of extraction will permanently damage and use up natural resources. Besides, the cost of mining metal from its ore is always very expensive. The new metal is always extracted from the virgin ore.

Once mined, the ore cannot be reused back again for any purpose. Recycling on the other hand will convert old used metal scrap into reusable new metal type. It helps preserve natural resources.

  1. Less emission

There is no doubt that the process of recycling is not possible without consuming energy. In some recycling processes, a big amount of energy is always used. But this is still very less as compared to the amount of fuel mining industries consume.

The moment fuel is consumed or burned, it will only emit carbon and other toxins. Recycling industries on the other hand do not make use of fossil fuels. They are more economical options. it results in less emission of toxins into the atmosphere.

  1. Consumption versus conservation of energy

The recycling process will always consume less amount of energy as compared to the quality of metal it recycles. The mining process will always consume more energy as compared to the percentage of metal it extracts.

Thus energy conservation is more in the recycling process. This makes the process more eco friendly. Some recycling processes will only consume a few watts of energy to recycle the metal

  1. Economic benefits

The recycling process is more economical it does not make use of heavy machines to recycle any metal. Copper metal is recycled using a simple electrolyte technique. But the process of mining the same metal from its ore is not possible using light grade machines.

Thus the extraction process of any metal is never considered an economical option.

  1. Price benefits

Recycled copper is more cost-effective and lower in price as compared to extracted copper from its ore. This is why recycled copper is much cheaper in the market.

The process of recycling is a better option and helps save the environment.

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