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Wide plank floors for next remodel of home

Wide plank flooring is basically the solid wood flooring that is sold in the form of planks. These flooring materials come in the form of wide wooden boards and these boards will cover up your entire floor. These days, wide plank flooring has become a popular choice for various home improvement projects because of multiple factors. One of the most interesting things about these wood flooring materials is their variety. There are diverse options available for you to choose from. No matter how you want the floor of your house to look, you will have the perfect flooring option available for you. Nowadays, the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore are also including wide plank flooring in their home improvement projects.

Why choose wide plank floors for remodelling your house?

There are numerous benefits of choosing wide plank flooring for your house. So, here we are going to discuss a few of them:

Beauty: Wide plank flooring can give an aesthetic appeal to your entire house. You can choose exotic woods for creating the floors of your house. This kind of wood has a certain richness and will make your room look beautiful within seconds. As these planks have broader width, they have prominent wood grains in them which can create a rustic and vintage feel. As we all know, the future has an ancient heart and just like many other old things, wide plank flooring has also come to trend all over again and they have become a really popular flooring option for both residential homes and offices. You can also get your floors designed by the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore to give your house an added beauty.

Variety: Wide plank flooring is basically any type of hardwood flooring that has a width of more than 3 inches. As the floor material is quite broad, it is available in a huge variety of styles. As a result, you will have a lot of options available. You will be able to choose any type of wood colour, finish or composition for your project. This is going to give a completely new look to your house. You can also choose different flooring for different rooms to give your house a versatile look.

Cost: Wide plank flooring is an affordable way of designing the floors of your house. These planks are available in every price range. So, depending on your budget, you can choose your wide plank flooring type. You can go for low-cost engineered wood if you want to complete your entire home improvement project within a budget. However, if you want to get a luxurious feel, you can go for premium hardwood.

Utility: Using wide plank flooring from your house has a number of performance benefits. These planks are completely waterproof and they won’t get damaged even after being exposed to water for a prolonged duration of time. This means you can use wide plank flooring safely in your kitchen or bathroom without having to worry about any kind of damage. They are equally suitable for other rooms of your house as well. They are very strong and durable. These days, the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore are also using wide plank flooring for increasing the functionality of the living area.

Installation: The installation process is really easy. As the planks are more than 3 inches, it takes very little time and effort to lay them on your floor. This makes the installation process both easy and hassle-free. You will have to spend a lot less time enjoying the new look and feel of your house. For an easier installation process, you should go for wider floorboards. You can finish up the flooring of your entire house within just one to two days.

Feel: Wide plank flooring has a subtle look: It creates a significant impact on your entire house. It can make the rooms of your house look more spacious and large. If your house is cramped for space, you can easily use white plank hardwood to open up your available space. In this way, wide plank flooring can create a really welcoming feeling and make you feel very good.

Maintenance: Wide wooden planks required very little maintenance. You can simply clean the wood with a damp duster or any other hardwood floor cleaner. You can also get any of the planks replaced and repaired very easily in case any damage comes to it. You can also seal your flooring regularly to prevent any kind of damage. These wide wooden planks can also be refinished regularly to give them a new and shiny look.

To end with:

So, as you can see, wide plank flooring is a very popular home improvement option in the recent era. It can instantly change the look and feel of your house. Also, to know more about how you can make the best use of wide plank flooring, you can get in touch with the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore.

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