Your 101 Guide to Women’s Watches

What do you think about a watch? It is more than just a time teller. A watch is a reflection of your personal style. This article is a comprehensive guide to women’s watches. Read through the various styles of ladies watches to discover the right timepiece for your life.

Discovering Your Style

A watch has become a wardrobe staple for the modern woman. It is a fashion statement made to keep you punctual and on the track. Below are some of the hottest styles, trend, upscale famous styles to help you limit your search for the ultimate time piece.

Women’s Watches Designs

For all the fashion trends that hit the runways, beautiful watches have risen in popularity as well. If you are not aware of which women watch you should buy, think about your wardrobe, personality and lifestyle.

Whether you want the classic elegance of a luxurious watch or favor the hottest look of the season, the most basic thing is to wear your watch with full confidence. See the list below to know which are the most famous styles of women’s watches.

Famous Women’s Watches Styles

1.  Smart Watches

Smart Technology is significantly growing and making new and creative watches which appeal to both men and women. Lots of smart watches are now different from the clunky design of the last generation and adopting a more elegant look.

Whether it’s conventional or sporty, smart watches are entering the fashion market in full swing. They are adorned with chic finishing, sophisticated details and beautiful style in order to go along with almost all styles.

2.  Rose Gold Watches

Rose gold is loved, preferred and liked by almost everyone. The rose gold theme has spread everywhere from watches to bags to phones and whatnot. Even in jewelry, rose gold can be seen on bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Rose gold is actually a blush tone metal which can be worn at all types of occasions.

This shade is unique from the standard gold because it poses a feminine and stunning twist on All items. Even cases and dials are seen in rose gold these days. Buying anything in rose gold will turn out to be a wise fashion investment. Rose gold watches showcase a timeless sophistication which can never go out of style.

3.  Skeleton Watches

This watch style is both beautiful and bold. Skeleton watches are not only made for men but equally for women as well. High-end watchmakers are entering the style bandwagon and creating the feminine variant of this beautiful timepiece. Skeleton watches display a bare dial which shows the inner gears and mechanics of the watch. This unique style is ideal for women who cherish the inner appearance.

4.  Boyfriend Watches

This watch style is big, oversized and bulky. Boyfriend watches are entering the watch industry and offering a bolder look to the feminine wrists. This big sized watch is inspired by the men’s fashion in watches.

It perfectly blends class and confidence. Boyfriend watches are loaded with attitude. This gender bending wrist watch is designed to make you look unique and stand out from the crowd.

5.  Floral Watches

The floral pattern is taken from the garden inspired fashion. You must have seen this classy design on some items. The floral pattern is all the hype and rage. It is seen in accessories, kitchenware, dresses and almost everything! Since everyone is indulging in this attractive design, why shouldn’t you?

Buy a floral watch and take delight from this trend. Whether you are going to your workplace or going to a party, a floral watch is bound to add some zing to your outfit. The floral printed bands and flowery dials creates a girly accessory boasting a flirty vibe.

6.  Interchangeable Watches

Nothing screams value like versatility. This interchangeable watch is a great accessory which keeps your appearance ever-changing without hurting your budget. Minimalist watches  that display removable bands gives you a chance to refine your aesthetics on each event.

What can be cooler than that? If you want to buy a beautiful watch, select this style which offers you customization choices too.

7.  Printed Watches

Boost your look and outfit with this bold watch which is bound to catch everyone’s attention. The printed watch can have Chevron dials and leopard band or even varying other patterns and shades.

This watch style is being worn on the wrists of all fashion enthusiasts. The printed watch is a functional accessory which not only showcases time but also provides an extra dose of oomph to your look.

8.  Wrap Watches

Increase your fashionista factor by wearing this wraparound watch. This watch style goes beyond the classic watch band. Wrap watches display extra long bands which double around the wrist and create a layered look.

This watch is available in many different types of materials such as casual leather or shiny stones. Wraparound watch is an easy method for gaining both function and fashion.

9.  White Watches

No matter what the old saying refers to, you can definitely wear white color after Labor Day. Whether you wear a white watch with diamond details or with no accents, this watch style offers a look which boasts confidence.

10.              Bracelet Watches

If you are confused whether you should wear a bracelet or a watch on any occasion, this bracelet watch is your go-to solution for this fashion dilemma. This watch style mixes functionality with fashion.

A bracelet watch displays a jewelry design band which can range from dangling charms to glitter bangles. Get the best of both worlds through this stunning watch.

11.              Two-Tone Watches

This watch design is a dynamic choice for standard watch wearers. The cool and warm metal colors blend together to make a casually sophisticated style.

Whether you are going to workout or heading to your office, the two-tone watch will give you extra elegance. Moreover, the two shades of the timepiece will complement almost all types of accessories and jewelry pieces.

12.              Map Watches

The map watch is specifically designed for traveling enthusiasts. If you are always on the go and visiting different places, this map watch should be in your wardrobe. This beautiful watch style is an easy ticket to trendy fashion. Whether it is your dream to travel the world or you are basically a nomad at core, buy this watch to show your adventurous side.

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