Leo Li, a Man of Many Cultures, is Grounding High-Fashion

Leo Li is streaking high-fashion with his own personal taste. The designer, model, stylist, actor, and influencer comes from a culturally diverse background. Originally from Xinjiang, China, he’s experienced many cultures and traveled around the world. One of Li’s biggest shifts was moving to the United States and starting high school at fourteen in Jersey Shore. Now, he plans to use the cultural experience he has to better the name of high-fashion, an industry which the young influencer has big visions for.


“The transition was a little scary, from China to America,” holds the designer, “but it’s what ultimately what lead me into the life I live now, so I’m grateful for the change.”


In fact, Leo Li is all about change. Since he moved here, his heart has chased the fashion industry, pulling him through the different styles, looks, designs, and events that the market has to offer.


“I’ve seen it all,” claims Li, “But I want more. As a male from another country, I’ve had a unique experience fitting into the American fashion industry. But I’ve made a name for myself by being completely, sometimes brutally honest about my industry visions.”


The visions come from Leo’s heart: one that wishes to see the entire world fit into high-fashion items. Instead of repetitive, trendy items, the ones that look different, out-of-place, and unique catch Li’s eye. With a handbook of culturally diverse designs residing in the influencer’s mind, he is constantly on the lookout for designs and designers who can harness the world’s vast collection of diverse taste.


“I’ve spent the last few months travelling. I’m never in the same place for too long. In order to carry out these visions, I’m aware that I’ll need to be researching, discovering, and remembering all kinds of worldwide patterns, colors, cuts, and fabrics.”


Li sees these diverse materials and ideas being incorporated into the high-fashion industry someday. The stylist has previously styled his models in ways that he’s never witnessed, with an aim to expand Manhattan’s palette. 

“I’ve styled models and friends alike, often for runway shows or shoots,” holds Li. “My taste lies somewhere between casual and crazy, often combining the two.”

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