Your Guide to Pursuing A Career in SMSF

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) courses are new generation courses to promote a great career in accounts and finance sector. These courses ensure specialisation for professionals in the superannuation industry, which is a fast-growing sector in Australia. There are a variety of SMSF courses offered by renowned institutions and coaching centres to enhance the candidate’s confidence and professionalism in the industry. These courses are accredited and promoted by the SMSF Association of Australia

SMSF Association

The SMSF Association is an independent organisation, which promotes the growth and services of the Self-Managed Super Fund sector in Australia. They envision the perfect retirement life of the citizens and also their ability to control their destiny, through a well managed SMSF community. Their mission is to enrich professionalism and sustainability in the SMSF sector. They work with the motto to ensure the promised benefits of the Self-Managed Super Funds, by providing proper education of the trustees, through accreditation and by increasing the credibility of the advisors. An adequately managed SMSF sector ensures the growth of the nation and contributes to prosperity by providing long term capital. 

They concentrate on the quality improvement of the advisors, the credibility of the trustees and in the proper growth and management for a healthy SMSF community. The organisation provides five kinds of memberships including affiliate membership, specialist membership, associate membership, fellow membership and retired membership to the trustees and professionals. SMSF Association welcomes those who have the interest to work with the organisation and those planning for a great career as an SMSF professional. Financial planners, auditors, tax agents, lawyers, accountants, etc., can have a great career as an SMSF professional after being certified and accredited by the organisation.

Courses Offered

One can take up the career of an SMSF professional, or an SMSF association specialist, through gaining accreditation and thus enhancing their expertise and knowledge in the SMSF sector. The association mainly offers two accreditation programs, one being SMSF Specialist Advisor, for the Financial Planners and Accountants, and the other being SMSF Specialist Auditor for the auditors. The association also provides a Graduate Certificate Course in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, which is an industry-based qualification. The association conducts this course by collaborating with some leading education providers in the country. One can enrol for SMSF courses after registering as an associate member in the organisation. One has to take this first step to get the necessary specialisation for an SMSF career. By taking an associate membership, one will be able to get access to 10 complimentary hours of CPD and can have an idea about the regulatory and legislative changes and also, expert’s views and analysis in SMSF developments. By enrolling for the Graduate Certificate in SMSF, one will get a master’s level qualification (AQF Level 8) in SMSF. 

Through gaining accreditation from the SMSF Association, the professionals receive recognition as an expert in the SMSF sector. The career as an SMSF expert is well-received throughout Australia, as it provides higher opportunities and in turn, one can contribute to the development and growth of the country itself by helping the citizens in improving their retirement life, and thus making them in charge of their destiny. SMSF Association ensures a safe and secure retirement life to the citizens through their services.

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