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Your ideal bedroom: can it be a reality?

What does your dream bedroom look like? If you haven’t immediately imagined your own bedroom right now, then there is still work to be done. Nine rules and designer tips to help you make any bedroom perfect.

What kind of energy does your bedroom have? Invigorating and inspiring? Relaxing? Maybe a little gloomy or even sad? Forget about what is, and think about what kind of atmosphere in this room, you would like to see. If you’re dreaming of a harmonious, relaxing, stress-free bedroom, these nine tips are for you.

The bed is the head

Obviously, the bed is the main “hero” of any bedroom. And no matter how interesting the other decor is, it depends on it how the whole room looks. And, of course, how comfortable you are in it. That’s why you should take the time to choose the perfect bed for you: one that is both comfortable and pleasant to sleep in. And to make the effect, even more, surround it with beautiful textiles, choose decorative pillows and a high-quality bedspread.

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Take care of your headboard

As we said above, the bed is the central element of the interior in the bedroom, which means that the headboard that is inseparable from it is also very important. Think about what should be on the wall behind your head. Maybe it will be just a picture, or maybe it will be a full-fledged royal headboard, upholstered in fabric. Or maybe these photographs of your children from a favorite family trip? Make the moment you feel good when you walk into a room, and even better when you’re in bed.

Choose the right lighting

Lighting is very important for the bedroom. It should set you up for relaxation, create a certain atmosphere and at the same time be comfortable: in the bedroom, we read in the evenings, sometimes we work, choose clothes, put on makeup, and so on. The classic option is central and local lighting. Additional light can be placed at the mirror, at the headboard, and on the podium, if available. It is also a good idea to highlight the closet and dressing table.

When you are lighting a bedroom, it is important to remember that everything is accompanied by relaxation. Don’t forget about using dimmers. If possible, it is better to abandon overhead lighting, while positioning the lamps in such a way that there is a possibility of different light scenarios, they will help create a mood.

Get closer to nature

Plants, wood, stone, natural fabrics – all these elements not only bring us closer to nature but also give that unique feeling of peace that we do want to experience in our own bedroom. Of course, it is not necessary to start a major renovation right now and make a real wood finish. Start small: A few unpretentious plants, a textured natural wool blanket, or a soft rug are guaranteed to transform your bedroom.

Don’t be afraid of built-in elements

The bedroom is one of the rooms with the smallest amount of free space. Bed, wardrobe, bedside tables – and now there is almost no room. For a bedroom to become truly perfect, it must be not only beautiful and comfortable but also functional. To do this, you need to optimize all the available space as much as possible, and the easiest way to do this is using a variety of built-in elements. They will open up additional storage options and save space in the bedroom.

Another great way to get extra storage is to use storage beds with shelves for books and small items or podiums. The latter can easily accommodate seasonal items and all bedding.

Set aside space for relaxation

Unless you do yoga or other spiritual practices, you hardly need a special place for meditation, but just a quiet corner for relaxation should be in any bedroom. It can be anything: an easy chair, a wide window sill with pillows and a blanket, or the bed itself, separated from the rest of the world by a canopy. Fill this place with light and positive energy: live plants, scented candles, favorite books, and little things will help you with this, giving you a good mood.

Keep it clean

Keeping your bedroom clean is just as important as having nice decor or choosing the right pillows and blankets. And it’s not even about the aesthetic component: timely cleaning at least protects you from possible diseases. This is why you should regularly wash your bedding, ventilate your bedroom, and dust it. So you protect yourself from the risk of asthma, which appears precisely due to dust and the activity of dust mites living on all soft surfaces. And to get rid of daily small debris, find a place for a small basket.

Pay attention to the nightstand

The bedside table is what we see at the first moment after waking up if we sleep on our side. In addition, it is on it that all the things we need in bed are stored: from books to a charger and a glass of water. To make this part of the bedroom as comfortable as possible, choose a bedside table for yourself. If you need a lot of things, choose models with drawers or two tiers, also take care of the decor. For example, photographs or a small potted plant will look great on a nightstand.

Get rid of excess

To make you feel as comfortable as possible in the bedroom, let it “breathe”. Get rid of unnecessary furniture cluttering up the remains of free space, sort out clothes and empty closets, revise the decorations and consider if all the decor really pleases you and you really need it. Carry out these inspections regularly – your bedroom will thank you for it.

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