Post-Facial Skincare

Your Post-Facial Skincare Guide


There is no doubt about the benefits that your skin gets after that hydrating and relaxing facials session. These include removing impurities, supporting the skin’s moisture barrier, and promoting new cellular turnover. Additionally, a good facial treatment will leave you with a covetable glow. However, it is equally important to know what to do to maintain your skin’s perfect shape after the treatment. In this article, we detail the things to do after your first facial to maintain your skin, including the role of gua sha tools and what to avoid. We will also tell you the top skincare products to incorporate into your regimen, including our editor’s pick- Lilou Radiant Hydra Balm.

Keep Skin Hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated is integral to maximizing the advantages of your facial. Make sure you drink a sufficient amount of water after the procedure. Drinking lots of fluids ensure that you are not dehydrated, flushes out toxins, and leaves you with a glowing, healthy complexion.

Also, your skin cells are likely to work more effectively when you are properly hydrated. Also, it makes the skin better absorb nutrients and helps maintain your radiance after a facial. As well as taking enough water, you should also eat more fruits and vegetables. On top of that, apply the right products to your face, such as the Lilou hydra balm.

Wash Your Face Gently

After a facial, the skin is most sensitive, which is why you want to be gentle and easy on it. The physical manipulation of your skin and the serums used during the facial often upset the skin barrier, so you should stick to gentle and hydrating products. Our go-to recommendation is Anfisa’s Lilou Hydra Balm.

In the same way, you should use high-quality gua sha tools when maintaining your facial glow.

Follow Your Facialist’s Advice

If you want to boost the duration of your facial, you need to have a high-quality at-home routine. In that regard, you should follow the tips shared by your aesthetician to the latter. Know what gua sha tools to use and the accompanying products. The facial can be your opportunity to take the best care of your skin, not just bring it back to its former status. Work closely with your beautician to create a skincare regimen customized to your unique skin type, skincare goals, and concerns. Sticking to the advice of a professional can help you to maintain perfect skin health between spa visits.

Exfoliate Regularly

Although it is not recommended to exfoliate right after a facial treatment, we advise that you add this procedure to your weekly routine. This keeps your skin smooth and soft, and also prevents a buildup of dead skin and oil, which is what dulls your complexion.

Also, be gentle with the freshly buffed skin. Exfoliate after two three days and make sure you choose a gentle scrub.

Use A Vitamin C Serum

The biggest danger to your complexion is environmental stressors. Air pollution and extreme temperature fluctuations can make your skin dull, dehydrate it, and lead to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. To keep your face safe from these effects, experts recommend incorporating a vitamin C serum into your skincare regimen. This superstar ingredient won’t just boost collagen production and brighten your dull skin but also fights wrinkles and free radicals. Also, Vitamin C keeps your skin toned, radiant, and balanced.

What To Avoid

Picking at your skin

This is best avoided completely, but even more so after a facial, because your skin is most sensitive just after a facial treatment. It may be tempting to pop that whitehead or blackhead on your face, but try to keep off your face if you want amazing skin.

Your facialist didn’t nix them for a reason. Picking at your skin can lead to irritation and scarring.

Using Heavy Makeup and a Boatload of Skincare Products

You may be red-faced after extractions or exfoliation, which can tempt you to use full-coverage concealer. However, you are best off resisting this urge. Because a facial treatment offers a deep cleanse, you should avoid using heavy makeup or other harsh products for at least one day. This is because your pores at this time are more normal, which makes them at a greater risk for bacteria entering into the skin. Also, skipping makeup will allow creams, peels, serums, and lilou radiant hydra balm to be more effective.

But this is only a temporary measure and you can resume your normal makeup routine as early as the following day. Before you apply makeup to your face after the facial, ensure you scrub your applicators and brushes thoroughly. This helps to protect you from post-facial breakouts.

Resist the sauna.

Because most spas will have some form of a steam room for customers’ use, it can be tempting to head to it. But for the best interests of your skin, you should keep off this amenity after the treatment. After having your facial, avoid staying in any hot rooms for at least 24 hours. Your skin already got steamed maximally during your facial, and subjecting it to more steaming could lead to broken capillaries and sensitivity.

Skip the toner.

It’s not generally recommended to apply toners to your skin 1-2 days post-facial, more so if your aesthetician used alcohol-based products. They risk causing dryness or irritation of the skin. Don’t use a toner after the facial because your facialist already performed a deep cleanse and balanced your skin. Also, use only high-quality gua sha tools and a gentle product like Lilou radiant hydra balm if you want to do your next facial at home.


Caring for your skin post-facial is important to enabling you to reap the full benefits of the procedure. Some of the recommended things to do include keeping your skin hydrated, skipping heavy makeup and harsh products, using a vitamin C serum, and resisting the sauna. Additionally, be careful with your choice of gua sha tools. Finally, always ask your aesthetician for anything if it’s not clear.

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