Proper Etiquette as an Airbnb Host

It is customary to follow Airbnb protocol to guarantee that everyone using the Airbnb platform has a great experience. Additionally, proper manners might make the booking process go more smoothly. As a bonus, it might assist you in raising your overall rating on the site.

Explore the rest of this article to learn what constitutes proper Airbnb protocol, as well as how you may utilize the service for both your personal and professional gain.

The rules of etiquette for Airbnb guests are as follows:

Etiquette refers to a system of norms and behaviors that are generally recognized within a group, community, or society as being proper. It is the collection of typical patterns and behaviors that most users on the Airbnb site adhere to that are referred to as Airbnb etiquette. When people follow these etiquette patterns, they are less likely to encounter issues or get frustrated.

What You Should Know About Being a Proper Airbnb Host

1. Specify your expectations and guidelines in detail.

The most effective strategy for promoting proper manners is to be explicit and forthright about your expectations. You should include a copy of your house rules in your Airbnb listing, as well as in your Airbnb welcome book or welcome letter to your guests. Using the Airbnb messaging system, you may communicate any unique requests to your visitor. Verify that your visitors have also read them to be sure they did. Don’t forget to send detailed instructions on how to use any appliances in your home.

If you spell out your guidelines clearly, misunderstandings will be less likely to occur.

2. Do not annoy your visitors while they are on their vacation.

Take into consideration the fact that your visitors are on vacation. A private room is what they are paying for and will anticipate, barring the case of shared accommodations. Any cause for showing up to the property without prior notice is not a good practice. This may cause dissatisfaction among your visitors, who will not be pleased. Try to avoid visiting the property unless necessary as a general rule.

Please contact your guests in advance to find out what time they would be available if you need to visit the property. If you have a confirmed time, be careful not to arrive early or late, since this may cause further disruptions to your visitors’ arrangements. Whenever your visitors call you and request that you come to the property to assist them or for any other purpose, it is okay for you to comply with their request. Maintain a schedule that is convenient for them, once again.

3. Wherever feasible, accommodate requests from guests.

Though having regulations for your vacation rental is important, you should also make every effort to accommodate visitors who have specific requests. Making a guest’s stay memorable by going the additional mile when feasible is a rewarding experience. You will, however, need to consider each request carefully before agreeing. Occasionally, a guest’s request may not be feasible or even attainable due to logistical constraints. Be ready to assist visitors when you can, but don’t be afraid to deny a request if it seems to be a nuisance to others.

4. Keep in touch with your visitors during their stay.

Good Airbnb etiquette dictates that you communicate with your visitors regularly. Staying in touch with them throughout the booking process and until they check out is essential. Guests will enjoy their stay more if you demonstrate that you are accessible to answer queries. However, be careful not to overburden them with too many communications.

When you call your visitors after they have checked in, you can guarantee that the procedure is straightforward. Once you’ve informed them that you are available at any moment to react to their communications, Up until the day of checkout, you should only communicate with them in response to their messages. It is important to maintain touch with your visitors to urge them to write a favorable review. Sending a pleasant reminder of checkout timings on the day of checkout is a great way to save time.

5. Before visitors come, make sure your Airbnb is clean and well-maintained.

Providing your visitors with a clean vacation property requires Airbnb etiquette that cannot be waived or compromised. The fact that visitors come to an unclean home is just unacceptable, and it is a certain method to collect negative Airbnb reviews quickly and easily. Everything in your property must be immaculately clean, with all rooms neat and ready for usage. You have the option of either supervising your cleaning or hiring a cleaning service via your Airbnb.

Keep in mind that initial impressions are important in every situation. When your visitors leave their evaluations, the first impression they have of your property will be the one that sticks with them. Also possible is that it will influence their decision on whether or not to suggest your home to other visitors. Furthermore, cleaning your rental property before visitors come displays that you are concerned about their well-being and well-being.


Without automated techniques, it might be difficult to perfect your manners while dealing with visitors. A vacation rental software program may help you automate and expedite the required actions for proper Airbnb etiquette. Vacation rental software, such as Lodgable, may assist you in honing your etiquette by providing the following features

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