10 Countries Whose Citizens Have Healthy Teeth

Having sparkling white and straight teeth is amazing, but a healthy smile is, even more, prettier and can add charm to your personality.

Do you know the countries that enjoy top dental ratings because of the cleanest and straight teeth of their citizens? Most studies that discuss which country has the best teeth usually use one dataset: the World Health Organization’s DFMT data. The Decayed, Missing and Filled Teeth (DMFT) list has been used since the 1930s and today it is the most important population-based criterion to rank countries according to their teeth situation. This record provides us with the sum of decayed, missing, and filled teeth in 12-year-olds in every country in the world. In this regard, this record is a correct depiction of the universal dental situation. Here is the list of top 10 countries whose people have best and healthy teeth.

1. Denmark:

Claiming the top position is Denmark with the best score of 0.4. The score shows that the people who surveyed and inspected, the average natives had not more than half a tooth that demands attention or had complications. Taking this into account, you can say that more than half citizens of Denmark have pearly white teeth.

2. Germany:

Claiming the second place is Germany with exceptionally low 0.5 scores according to the DMFT record. You can say that the people of this nation have excellent teeth and are very conscious about their dental health and personal oral healthcare routines.

3. Finland:

Finland is the best country with excellent medical and dental care. Their place on this index is not surprising. They have a remarkable score of 0.7. The Fins are not only the cheery nation, but they are also some of the most careful people in terms of their oral health. Thanks to the finest quality dental care provided everywhere in the country.

4. Sweden:

Having a DMFT score of 0.8 Sweden also enjoys a place on the list. Swedish people possess some of the healthy, elegant and straight teeth.

5. Hong Kong:

No doubt, Hong Kong is in the list of the countries whose people have healthy teeth. One main reason behind the health of their teeth is dental care centres especially the dental implants HKservices. Moreover, their dental care centres offer budget-friendly packages so everyone can easily consult the dentist in order to have theInvisaligncleaning method for the orthodontic treatment.

6. Switzerland:

Switzerland has one of the most modern dental and medical facilities in the world, so it’s spot on the DMFT list is not unexpected. With a DMFT score of 0.9, the citizens of Switzerland who were surveyed scarcely have any bad tooth. In Switzerland dental services are costly. Brushing and a random tour to the dentist on the other hand is a comparatively inexpensive way to avoid those costly tours.

7. Canada:

Canada sits on the 7th place on the DMFT list with a good score of 1.0. The country’s oral health is not only confirmed by the DMFT index but also studies and pieces of evidence show that Canadian nationals have healthy and white teeth. It categorizes above the United States in this area of its oral healthcare.

8. Mexico:

Mexico’s budget isn’t so satisfactory, but its dental care services are working well as it scored an excellent score of 1.1 on the DMFT list.

9. United States:

With the best score of 1.2, it’s still better than many other countries in the world, but not adequate to compete with the oral hygiene of other countries that simply attain better statistics when it comes to oral care. You might hope for the United States to sit at the top of the DMFT index.

10. France:

France scores a same 1.2 DMFT score –like the U.S, but some important factors such as diminished healthcare budget France can’t compete with the U.S. No matter, the score isn’t as outstanding as many other developed countries included in the list, but it’s still in the top 10.

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