10 Important Mental Lessons We Can Learn from “Harry Potter.”

While the Wizarding World has everything to enjoy from Harry Potters, the Muggles also have a chunk of good lessons to feed their mental beings.

Indeed the Harry Potter series is a fictional saga that continues to thrill many even after its expiration two decades ago.

Harry Potter was an orphaned boy who later learned he had unique magical powers. And despite being hated by others, he still had the guts to move on.  Becoming a student at Hogwarts was a clear indication that he was determined to explore the world of magic.

His true friends made him learn of what happened to his parents. It was evident that true friendship is a key to overcoming life’s problems.

To have a taste of the mental lessons in Harry Potter, you should watch all the films. But it can be confusing to have a perfect flow of the series. Again, if you are fond of epic movies, Harry Potter may diverge from this, to enjoy the sequential storyline; it’s advisable to watch Harry Potter movies in Chronological Order.

Below are  some of the vital mental lessons one can learn from the series

10 mental lessons to learn from Harry Potter

1. Even in the darkest time, one can choose happiness

You don’t have to allow circumstances to control your life. You can choose to shed inner light instead. Harry Potter learned what mattered and overcame many kinds of evils.

According to Golden Trio, it takes some bravery to stand up for the enemies just as much

as one would stand for his friends. Again, love in times of distress can be seen when Ron reminds Hermione that she was a witch.

2. When you have hit a dead end, ask for help

Though Harry always thought he would work out things without help, this was often proved wrong. If Hermione and Ron had never come to his rescue, Harry would have died.

Also, were it not for Albus Dumbledore, Harry would not have excelled in the end. He allowed Harry to break the rules to follow his lead in the Wizarding world.

3. What you fear comes to you

If you have fears, confront them. It’s only the person facing the fear who can conquer it; even the toughest magic in Wizard World cannot help. Harry fears Sirius more than one would think, but when he learnt who Sirius was, the fear faded away.

4. The pen is mightier than the sword

One can do small things that can be much more influential than big things. This is better explained by the saying that a pen can write and become more significant than violence.

A human can control a pen and a sword, So can one decide whether to fight issues or write up to make a difference.

5.  Don’t dwell on dreams and forget to live

A dream can only suffice if you act on it.

If you have dreams but neglect to act on them, it could lead to more damage.  According to Dumbledore,  doing nothing would create more harm than doing at least something.

6. True love exists

Lily Potter had unconditional love for Harry. The force is so strong that Harry evades death on most occasions- magical protection. When Voldemort spelt a curse to Harry, the spell left him unharmed.

7.You can choose to act on the bright or dark side of your life

Everyone has a dark and a bright side. But what matters is what one decides to act on.

Almost anyone in the wizarding world hated Peter Pettigrew(Wormtail). He also had Harry’s debt when Harry stopped Sirius and Lupin from the haunted Shrieking Shack.

Though Wormtail was as bad, he saved Harry’s life.

8. It doesn’t matter where you are born but what you grow into

Voldemort killed Harry’s parents when he was young, though Harry believed that they had succumbed in a crash.

Growing as an orphan did stop him from excelling.  He took risks in his own life and finally defeated Voldemort. Besides, his friends Hermione and Ron greatly supported him.

9. Don’t trust everyone; people are not what they seem to be

You can solve more than you could imagine without involving your friends. Some of your friends could be your great enemies.

Voldemort betrays James and Lily Potter, though they trust him. Wormtail also betrayed his friends. He also betrayed James and Lily as he thought Voldemort would win the wizarding battle.

It is not wise to tell your friends every thought and feeling that comes to your mind.

10. If you are stressed up, an animal(pet) can offer the best company

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry was often fascinated by the rides  on Buckbeak.

Buckbeak lived with Hagrid while Harry was in his third year at Hogwarts. Later, after the death of Sirius, Harry took over Buckbeak. He defended Harry whenever he was in danger and had so much loyalty.

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