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10 New Car Buying Tips for Smart Shoppers

93% of households in the United States have at least one car.

Chances are, you’re part of that 93%. Cars don’t last forever, though, and when it’s time to buy a new car, you want to make a good decision. There are so many things to consider, but there are certain things that you should focus on to have the best overall experience.

If you’re searching for a new car, read on to learn ten new car buying tips that will help you to pick out new wheels that you love without all of the hassles.

  1. Get a Flexible Car Loan

The single most important thing to consider when looking for a new car is how you’re going to pay for it. Most people don’t have enough cash lying around to pay for one outright, so securing a loan is necessary.

Try looking into a Plenti Car Loan. It will provide you with:

  • A personalized rate
  • A preapproved loan to show the dealer
  • The ability to check your rate before applying and impacting your credit score
  • A paperless experience
  • Flexible terms

No matter who you choose to go through for a loan, make sure that the terms fit your lifestyle.

  1. Set a Budget Ahead of Time

Before looking into any cars, take an honest look at your finances and figure out how much you can afford to pay per month for a car payment. Most car sites will have a calculator that can help you figure out this information.

Doing this will narrow down your options and help you to avoid being disappointed at the dealership.

  1. Check Your Car’s Value

Again, before you go to any dealerships, do some research about how much your car is worth ahead of time. There are many websites that can help you to assess the value.

This way, you will know if the dealer is trying to lowball you to your trade-in value. Don’t be afraid to walk away and go somewhere else if this is the case.

  1. Don’t Give Too Much Away

When you’re at the car dealership, don’t give too much information. Of course, you want to let them know some details about what you’re looking for, but if you tell them too much, they can use this information to talk you into something you don’t genuinely want.

Remember that car salespeople are looking to make as much money as possible, not get you as good a deal as possible.

  1. Avoid Buying Add-Ons

Have you ever been at the dealership, sitting at a desk about to go through the motions of purchasing a vehicle, when they suddenly start mentioning 20 different packages you can add on?

They might even try to make it seem more appealing by mentioning that you can roll the cost in with your loan and only pay slightly more per month.

Typically these packages aren’t good deals, and it’s best to avoid them because of this.

  1. Shop around Online

One of the best things about buying new cars is that you can shop around online before going to any dealership to see who has the best deals.

Usually, the price of the car is pretty standard, but specific dealers might be running specials on trade-ins or other things that can make a difference in how much you end up paying.

  1. Research as Much as Possible

Once you have a specific car in mind, do some research.

Look up the make and model and check out the safety features, reliability, recalls, and any other helpful information you can think of.

Even if you have to do a quick search on your phone at the dealership before officially deciding, some research is better than none. You don’t want to fall in love with a car because of how it looks and feels only to buy it and find out that it’s known for breaking down or is poorly rated for safety.

  1. Try to Save for a Down Payment

Some car loans don’t require down payments, but you should always try to make one anyway.

The more cash you put down, the less you will be paying in interest. And, your car payment will go down as well! Neither of these things might seem like a big deal at the moment, but you will likely save thousands of dollars over the course of the loan if you can save a bit beforehand.

  1. Have Realistic Expectations

Manage your expectations before you do anything else. Buying a new car is an exciting process, but you can quickly feel down if you focus too much on cars you can’t afford or stress out over taking out a loan.

For most people, having a car is a necessary expense, so don’t worry too much about the money other than making sure that whatever you’re buying is something you can afford long term.

  1. Expand Your Horizons

If you’re following all of these tips and still can’t find a suitable car, it’s time to expand your horizons. This can mean two things: widening your search area or looking into other makes/models.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at a local car dealer, try calling a dealer that’s a little further out or looking into buying a car online and getting it delivered.

If you’re not finding the car you thought you wanted at a price point that you can afford, think about looking into other vehicles that offer similar features for a lower cost.

New Car Buying Tips—Land the Perfect Car

Buying a new car is exciting, but it can be stressful too. If you start the process without planning, settle for a loan without ideal terms, or don’t manage your expectations, you could end up unhappy in the end.

If you follow the ten new car buying tips mentioned in this article, you should end up with a car that fulfills all your needs without breaking the bank.

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