10 Study Hacks for Managing A Huge Workload

10 Study Hacks for Managing A Huge Workload

Being a student is hard. Sometimes it takes even more energy than a full-time job. As a student, you must handle all the deadlines, deal with a pile of assignments, take tests, learn associative learning, etc. But you are also young and want to spend time with friends, and you need some sleep, too. It is nearly impossible to manage this massive workload without any stress.

But there’s a way out. In this article, you will find the ten best study hacks to deal with a vast amount of responsibilities. It will make your student life much easier. You’ll forget about test anxiety and be a more productive version of yourself.

1.Ask for Help

One of the most common students’ mistakes is refusing help. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s just necessary to delegate some of your duties to professionals, so you can focus on the most important things and be more productive.

You can ask your friend for help or use study help for college students. That’s how you can be sure your assignments will be ready and proofread on time. The service’s team includes experienced essay writers and editors, so you shouldn’t worry about the work quality.

2.Use Project Management Tools

College is just a big complicated project where you are the manager. That’s why it’s essential to use management tools to succeed. We highly recommend you note every assignment using task trackers like Todoist, TickTick, Google Tasks, Trello etc. They simplify the planning process, and allow you to set deadlines.

A good structure of your workload will help you to find the best way to resolve problems and see the whole picture. Using these apps, you always know what you need to do. You can also set notifications for your calendar to ensure you won’t forget about your tasks.

3.Time-Management Techniques for Your Organization

Another problem that always accompanies college students is procrastination. With multiple tasks to finish, you get overwhelmed and choose to just lay down and binge-watch some Netflix. That’s where time-management applications’ assistance is essential. You can use any of the following:

  • RescueTime;
  • Focus Keeper;
  • Toggl.

Some of these applications use the Pomodoro technique, which divides your work time into short time slots with breaks in between. If you don’t want to have another application on your smartphone, you can use an alarm clock. The only one strict rule is to take breaks not to burn out.

4.Use Mind Maps

A mind map is another helpful technique to manage your workload. It’s a tool to visualize information to see the connections between the tasks. To use it, you will only need a pen and paper. Alternatively, you can download an app called Mindomo.

You capture your thoughts and create a map to generate new ideas. It’s a handy tool, which you can also use in your future work. For instance, it’s useful for business analysis.

5.Study Every Day During the Course

This hack is more like a well-known rule, but we think it’s worth repeating it. Studying a little every day helps you to review everything you know and better understand the subject in the long run. As a result, you won’t be stressed out the night before the deadline. Pay attention literature study guides for teens, it will help you gather more interesting information.

At the beginning of any course, make a list of tasks and do some of them in advance.

6.Limit Your Screen Time

Sometimes we don’t realize how much time we spend scrolling the newsfeed or replying to  Instagram DMs. When you are a student, wasting time on social media can have a catastrophic influence on your performance.

That’s why we advise you to check your screen time and limit the time you spend with your smartphone. Both Android and Apple products already have this feature in settings.

7.Stay Motivated

Motivation is the only thing that can help you stay positive about a huge workload. Always remember that in the end, you will pass an exam, graduate from college or get a well-paid job. For that reason, it’s important to surround yourself with the things you like. Organize your workplace with your favorite stationery, put some motivational quotes on the wall, write down the reasons why you do what you do.

8.Learn to Skim

Every course requires some reading. But when you have many classes, the process becomes a neverending torture of thousands of pages per week. That’s why you should learn how to skim through books. Quick reading, highlighting, and taking notes will be more beneficial for your studies than spending days and nights with books.

9.Use Music for Focus

When you live in a dorm, it’s almost impossible to cut out the distractions. It’s a good idea to invest in quality headphones. First of all, to prepare for certain courses, you can listen to relevant podcasts. Second of all – you can listen to calm and meditative music while there’s a party in your room.

10.Don’t Forget About Your Needs

The most common reason students have problems with their health is that they forget to care about themselves. It doesn’t matter how many tasks you have on your to-do list. A regular meal and a night of proper sleep are paramount. Put this information in your planner. Plan not only our duties but also your breaks and time for rest. Walk outside for an hour before going to sleep and a nap before reading the next pile of books. You would see how much more productive and happy you are.

In Conclusion

Using these guidelines will simplify your educational process and help you to develop soft skills. You can use the tips above long after you graduate. Because time management and dealing with many tasks is something everybody needs. Try to combine different methods and find the one which suits you the most.

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