10 Versatile Athletic Wear that You Must Have in Your Wardrobe this Summer

2020 brought comfort clothing back in trend. The epoch is marked with styles that are comfortable and suitable in almost every setting. For instance, athletic wear is now a part of streetwear too. The apparel, that was worn by sports teams only, has evolved and is worn by non-athletes as well. This is because of the comfort they deliver. The last two years were stricken by the covid-19 pandemic which meant that most of the workers were operating and functioning from home. While working from home everyone wanted to be comfortable and because of that, they invested more in comfortable clothing (athletic wear).

From runners that are trending on Instagram to a chic wrap that gives you an instant look for your Zoom call and other cute crop tops and colorful leggings in between, all these athletic apparel have now become a part of the day-to-day wardrobe. With that in mind, the article rounds up 10 versatile athletic wear that you must have in your wardrobe to stay comfortable and look stylish this summer.

  1. Tank tops

Tank tops are the new fad. This piece of activewear is breathable and perfect for warm weather. They are very versatile and can be worn when going out with friends, working at home or when hitting the gym. They are perfect for both men and women.

  1. Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are part of every style, whether it is streetwear, athletic wear, or leisurewear. They are suitable in every setting. You can start your day in a lightweight sweatshirt, roam the streets, do your fitness exercises, and can go to bed in the same outfit. Sweatshirts made up of cotton and fleece blends are best to make you both stylish and comfortable at all times of the day.

  1. Crop top

A crop top made of lightweight fabrics is best to beat the heat. The cute shape and short length of a crop top make it perfect to be worn with leggings and bike shorts. This is the ideal top for a hiking trip. If your crop top has a loose shape and comfy armholes, then you can hike as much as you want without worrying about hot and sweaty skin.

  1. Tees

A lightweight athletic tee is best for the days when you are not looking forward to a tan. T-shirts keep your body cool while keeping it covered too when you are out in the sun. If your t-shirt is moisture-wicking then it is a plus as your sweat will be absorbed and evaporated quickly leaving you cool and dry for a long time. Go for soft hues and color combinations for a perfect summer look.

  1. Sports bra

A sports bra supports your upper body and keeps you dry when you are super active. It is strongly recommended to replace your normal vest with a sports bra whether you are cycling, jogging, or running your rigorous errands on warm days.

  1.     Leggings and yoga pants

A pair of leggings and yoga pants are best for both workout sessions and weekend errands. They reach just the right spot of your waist which prevents the sweat from puddling in the folds of your lower body. Girl’s black leggings are best for summer wear whether you are hitting the gym, eating at a casual outdoor café, or staying home on a too sunny day.

  1. Track pants

Track pants are another piece of athletic apparel that is best for summers. They are particularly suitable for those who prefer loose clothes over tight fits. Track pants not only keep you comfortable on tracks but in your kitchen and backyard too when you are busy with daily chores.

  1. Ventilating shorts

Lightweight ventilated biker, broad and other types of shorts should occupy a good space in your wardrobe. Because when summer reaches its peak and the days become unbearably hot, then it is time to shed off your leggings in favor of comfortable shorts. All types of lightweight ventilated shorts enable your thighs to cool off and breathe in the sweaty summers.

  1. Runners

Running shoes are specifically designed for easy heel-to-toe movement. Added cushioning gives support to higher heel drop which makes it easier for you to run around. Runners are an essential item of your wardrobe if you are a keen runner in all seasons.

  1. Trainers

While runners are specifically made for running and hiking, trainers enable multi-directional movement, particularly lateral movement. Their soles are flatter which makes them more flexible. They are not just good for the gym but are very comfy to wear when you are out to run errands or enjoying the outdoors with friends.

Once you have a clear idea to equip your summer wardrobe with multi-functional athletic cum leisurewear, it is time to find a perfect place to buy these items. Several online outlets offer custom athletic apparel. The good thing is that you can personalize your whole wardrobe by acquiring the printing and embroidery services from the outlet to make your unique statement this summer.

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