Wall Decor Ideas to Add to Your Kitchen

10 Wall Decor Ideas to Add to Your Kitchen

Once the cabinets are installed and the blenders plugged in you might think that you’re all set. You’re probably all set to be cooking in your kitchen, but is your living space as a whole all set yet? Probably not.

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1. A Blackboard Wall

You probably make your grocery lists as you’re shuffling through the cabinets looking for paprika before realizing that you’re all out. Instead of making a mental grocery list and then walking over to the other room to grab a pen and paper, just pick up a piece of chalk and write it on your blackboard wall.

2. Adding Something Green

Nothing says homely like something green hanging in your kitchen. Adding a planter in your kitchen can brighten up your space, plus serve a dual purpose if the plant is edible such as parsley or spinach.

3. A Mural

With people focusing primarily on bedroom and living room decor, a lot is left desired in the kitchen. Nothing’s stopping you from painting a mural on your kitchen wall to give it what the other space in your home has.

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4. Decorative Tiles

Another idea would be to place decorative tiles in your kitchen and have them arranged as a mural if you don’t want something painted on. Tiles are easier to clean and can be routinely replaced.

5. Kitchen Utensils For Decoration

Hanging up wooden utensils on your walls in a decorative arrangement saves space plus looks attractive on your walls.

6. Artwork

Artwork for your kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be similar to the artwork you have in your living room (it could be if you wanted it to be). Look for quirky patterns that showcase what it means to be spending time cooking or baking.

7. Accent Wall Decor

If you’re looking to hang up storage shelves or metallic grids, look for something that either accents existing decor or contrasts it. For example, go for something in gold for your pastel kitchen or something in black for your gray or white walls.

8. Decorative Plates

Since everything is centered around food, try hanging decorative plates with quirky or elegant patterns on your walls.

9. Rustic Art

If your home has several pieces of wooden furniture, rustic artwork will blend right in.

10. Modern Art

Likewise, if the rest of your home has artwork that’s clean and straight modern artwork would fit in.


Decorating your kitchen might seem like a tedious thing to do especially when you’re looking for kitchen wall decor that combines both form and function (that is, it works as well as it looks). However, there are several design options to choose from that can enhance your time in the kitchen and leave people admiring how stunning it looks!

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