100% More User Engagement with Animated Graphics

Animated infographics are all the hype right now. They’ve become some of the most shared material on social media, whether they’re GIFs or films. So, what is it about them that makes them so appealing to consume?  

Let’s look at some amazing examples that can help you create your next animated infographic. 

The History Behind Motion Graphics 

Motion graphics is an art and technique that predates the electronics and other modern media that we are familiar with today. Motion graphics had already existed in the 1800s, appearing as presentations in the form of flip books or “zoetrope,” which accomplish exactly what motion graphics does—create the appearance of motion. 

John Whitney, one of the founders of computer animation, was the first to invent the phrase “motion graphics.” Back then, typical hand motion picture actions were used initially. Now, the best animation production companies combine digital and sophisticated motion graphics. 

How Animated Graphics Can Kick Start Your SEO 

Readers who are more engaged with your material are more likely to share it. The larger the number of shares, the more likely the material may go viral, resulting in a significant increase in site traffic. Due to its visual aspects, static infographics already receive a significant increase in views, shares, and re-shares. 

The majority of the huge amount of info we are continually exposed to is immediately discarded by the human brain. Moving visual displays, such as video and animated infographics, capture our attention even more effectively. 

Infographic marketing magic is a contemporary trend, and animated infographics are the way of the future. Your animated infographic will bring entertainment value to your presentation, fun to your data, and all-important SEO juice to your site when combined with fresh content. 

How to Make Good Use of Animated Graphics? 

Still photographs do not perform as well as animated graphics on social media today. If you’ve already invested in static infographics for your brand, consider animating them to give them a fresh lease on life. 

100% More Engagement with Motion Graphics 

Motion graphics are an excellent technique to make data more engaging. You have more control over the sequence in which facts are displayed and what information you wish to emphasis thanks to the information flow. It also looks cool. 

Enact a Chat Conversation 

Every piece of content should include something your readers can relate to and use in their own lives at its core. Recreating a familiar setting is frequently a useful strategy. What could be more relatable than the area where we spend the majority of our time—our phones! 

Bring the Maxims to Life 

Images of sayings or phrases, especially those that effectively use text, color, and possibly photography to create a coherent design, are extremely shareable on social media. Take it a step further and add some slight motion to the quote to help it stand out even more. 

Don’t Forget to Highlight What Makes Your Brand Unique 

Whether it’s your product, your mascot, or another component of your brand’s culture, there’s bound to be something in your creative that can be animated. The options are limitless. 


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