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12 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experience

If you think prioritizing a positive customer experience is a waste of time, think again. A study by the Harvard Business Review revealed that customers who had a positive customer experience spend 140 percent more compared to those who suffered through a bad experience.

If you’re ready to enjoy that kind of increase in revenues, then this article is for you. Try these twelve easy ways to improve customer experience and you’ll see success in your days.

Create Your Dream Team

Your employees are the face of your company. It’s important to create an atmosphere of respect and competence within your team. When the team is happy, your customers are happy.

Staff that feels anxious or hostile will not provide superior customer services. Conduct training to update your team on new services or products. Encourage staff to depend on each other to solve challenges.

Be Approachable

Coach your team to remember that first impressions set the tone for the entire customer service experience. These first impressions can come from an email or visit to your front counter. Remind your team that your customers want to feel like you care about their problems.


Active listening is an effective way to improve customer service and build customer relationships. Strong listening skills will help you address the customer’s inquiries quickly. They’ll come to depend on you for your help. This too translates into repeat business for you.

Understand the Customer

Knowing a customer’s interests helps connect a company with a personalized conversation that meets the customer’s needs. When a company understands their customer, they can deliver higher levels of intuitive support because they know what the customer is going to ask next.

Knowing your customer helps you build your products & services to match their needs. That way you can plan your product lines further down the road.

Use Social Media

Almost 80 percent of US citizens use social media, daily. That’s why it’s an important tool to interact with customers.

Social media channels provide platforms for future or current customers to ask questions or share concerns. Happy customers will leave reviews when they’re pleased with your service. Positive feedback can bring more customers coming your way.

Ask For and Respond to Feedback

Your clients will appreciate that you care about their opinions. There are plenty of tools you can use to measure customer satisfaction levels such as questionnaires and surveys.

To provide better customer service, respond quickly to all feedback received. Credit the improvement as a “customer’s idea” to show that you value their business.

Hire Live Operators

A customer will leave your site if their concerns aren’t addressed quickly. Two of the most common customer service complaints include waiting for assistance and pausing on hold music for business representatives to return to the phone.

Therefore, reducing response times is another idea on how to improve customer experience. Live agents can get to the bottom of the customer’s call and route them immediately to the right solution within your company.

24×7 Chatbots

If hiring live agents isn’t possible, chatbots can engage customers across messaging apps and websites. Chatbots are a 24×7 support that can answer simple customer questions. This instant access is another way to improve customer experience.

Chatbot technology can collect preliminary information from the caller and direct the chat to the right team. Chatbots can also aggregate information from previous online conversations. With this historic information in hand, the chatbot can apply them to ongoing customer inquiries and direct them to the best service option.


More and more companies that offer mobile or web self-service options are noticing that their website traffic numbers went way up. In contrast to this rise, traffic to their customer service representatives is way down. This trend points to an ongoing consumer preference to find the information they need on their own.

Adding resources to your website such as help guides and FAQs can help your customers find the answers they need instantly. Making these resources easily accessible could also increase your website’s visits and ultimately, increased sales.

Customer Loyalty Programs

A robust customer loyalty program generates not only increased revenue from returning customers. These programs can also increase referrals to your doors from your loyal clientele. from

Customer loyalty programs can come in many forms. Some programs offer pre-launch access to new products or discounts for every referral to their company. Customer loyalty programs can also offer discounts to high spending customers who reach a particular buying level. Other loyalty programs like the ones integrated in Placewise app, allow loyal customers to be rewarded for shopping mall visits, purchases, redemptions, and even digital interactions!

Customer Experience Analytics Metrics

To know more about your customer’s experiences, you’ll need to create a way to watch how they interact over time, with your brand channels. The results of these interactions are called customer analytics.

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are powerful tools to collect customer analytics. These programs collect metrics on customer demographics and behavioral trends in real-time. That way, companies can track customer patterns as well as respond to issues immediately instead of answering customer complaints.

In-app Messaging

Using event-driven In-app messaging is a timely and relevant method for marketing than emails. In-app messaging will increase customer engagement with real-time information that appeals to them.

This method is quickly replacing email marketing campaigns. These email campaigns have a knack for winding up in people’s junk mail filters. These emails might annoy your customers because they haven’t read your email in time to respond.

Next Steps to Improve Customer Experience

Evaluate your company’s current levels of customer service. Approach your business the way customers do.

Do your team members seem friendly and knowledgeable? Did you invite someone to post a comment about their experience on your social media page? Once you have this feedback, you can make the necessary changes as needed.

Develop your customer service analytics tools and begin to implement change. Attention to these details can help you keep loyal customers.

Don’t forget to check out our website for more helpful advice on how to improve customer experience. We know you have what it takes to surpass your customer’s expectations. We’re here to help make that happen.

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