3 Tips for Finding the Best Vape E-Liquid for You and Your Device

Did you know that some people make their own e-juice? If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making vape juice, buy your favorite new flavor at a vape store.

If you’re new to vaping or want some tips on choosing the best e-cigarette liquid, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to find the best vape e-liquid.

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1. Are You Looking for a Specific Vaping Experience?

After you figure out your nicotine strength, you’ll also need to think about some other factors.

If you were a smoker and enjoyed a strong throat hit, look for a higher-PG juice. You will still experience that throat hit you had as a smoker.

Are you looking for something smoother? Nicotine salts will deliver nicotine fast without a harsh throat hit.

You might want your vaping experience to look like when you smoked cigarettes. A higher-VG liquid will give you a strong throat hit like when you smoke a cigarette.

A pod system is another option. The pod used a blend of regular e-juice and nicotine salts that mimic a smoking experience.

2. Pick a Nicotine Strength

If you use an advanced vape mod or a simple e-cig, you’ll still need to discover the best nicotine strength for you.

If you pick a nicotine level that’s too low, you won’t find vaping satisfying. But if you end up with a juice with too much nicotine, you might feel dizzy, nauseous, or get a headache.

When you choose your nicotine strength, first consider how much you used to smoke. If you smoked up to 10-20 cigarettes a day, look for an e-juice with a nicotine percent over two.

If you used to smoke fewer cigarettes, look for a juice with low nicotine content.

Are you still unsure about what nicotine level to choose? You can always start low and begin to increase until you find the right strength.

3. What About Choosing a Flavor?

When you shop for your first e-juice bottle, you’ll learn fast that there are tons of different varieties. The best way to find your preferred flavor is to try out a few.

You can decide whether you prefer a menthol or tobacco flavor. Some people enjoy a dessert or fruity flavor.

Try a few different ones. A lot of people enjoy this part of the experience the most. They get to try out new e-liquids.

You may end up with a wide variety of e-liquids that you prefer. Check out flawless vape e-liquids.

Have Fun Shopping for Your Vape E-Liquid

We hope this guide on shopping for vape e-liquid flavors was helpful.

Make sure you consider the nicotine content and what kind of experience you’re seeking. Do you want a smooth vaping experience or seek the harsh throat hits?

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