30m Series Samsung Nextwiggersventurebeat

30m Series Samsung Nextwiggersventurebeat

30m Series Samsung Nextwiggersventurebeat a Helsinki-based music-education company, announced that it has raised $28 million in a Series A funding round led by Samsung Next and joined by Wiegers Ventures. This new round of funding will reinforce Yousician’s mission to democratize music education and bring music learning screen to millions more people.

Yousician Background


30m Series Samsung Nextwiggersventurebeat is a Helsinki-based music-education company. It was founded in 2014 as a way to make music learning more accessible and provide a way for people to learn to play instruments through games. It provides users with an app-based learning experience that follows the student’s pace and allows them to follow learning paths in either guitar, ukulele, piano, voice, bass, or drums. Yousician has a passion for creating innovative ways of teaching users how to play musical instruments and it is a leading name in the field of mobile-based music education.


Series A Funding


30m Series Samsung Nextwiggersventurebeat has now closed its Series A funding of $28 million led by Samsung Next and joined by Wiegers Ventures. This funding will enable Yousician to continue to develop its technology and products as well as offer users more educational content. This investment will enable Yousician to expand its global presence and reach more people who would otherwise not have access to music learning.


 Impact of Series A


The funding will help 30m Series Samsung Nextwiggersventurebeat to enhance its existing platform and develop new ways to educate users. Yousician has already developed an AI-driven learning platform with personalized feedback and guidance, which makes it the go-to option for those looking to learn music online. With this infusion of capital, Yousician can now expand its platform with more interactive lessons and tutorials.


 Future Plans


30m Series Samsung Nextwiggersventurebeat also plans to use the new funds to accelerate its mission to bring music education to people around the world. This can be done through continued product innovation, further support for students, and partnerships with music organizations. Yousician has committed to offering the best in-class music education and the new capital supports this goal.




30m Series Samsung Nextwiggersventurebeat  A funding will help the Helsinki-based startup to continue its mission of democratizing music education. By partnering with Samsung Next and Wiegeres Ventures, Yousician can ensure that its user base receives the best kind of music education, thereby paving the way for more people to pick up music for the first time.

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