Esper Iot 30m Serieslardinoistechcrunch

Esper Iot 30m Serieslardinoistechcrunch

Esper Iot 30m Serieslardinoistechcrunch the cloud-based IoT platform company, announced a new Series A round of funding today, raising a total of $30 million in investments from Lardinois TechCrunch. This Series A round of funding follows the $8.5 million Series seed round of funding Esper had announced in 2019.

The funding comes as the use of IoT technology continues to grow, with five million businesses across the world now using products and services like Esper to monitor, manage, and proactively interact with the billions of connected devices worldwide.


 What is Esper?


Esper Iot 30m Serieslardinoistechcrunch is a cloud-based IoT platform company founded in 2018. Its internet of things (IoT) platform enables companies to monitor, manage, and proactively interact with their connected devices from a single portal. Esper’s platform also provides enterprise systems with a centralized command center and a device dashboard, allowing companies to quickly gain visibility into their entire device ecosystem. The company has raised a total of $38.5 million in funding to date, culminating with the announcement of a $30M Series A funding round.


What is IoT Technology?


Esper Iot 30m Serieslardinoistechcrunch or the internet of things, refers to any physical device that is connected to the internet and collects data above and beyond what humans can perceive. Examples of common IoT devices include smart thermostats, connected cameras, connected watches, connected home appliances, and more. According to Statista, there were 20.3 billion IoT devices in 2020 and this number is expected to grow to 75.44 billion in 2025.


 Esper’s Series A Funding Round


Esper announced their Series A funding round of $30M today. The funding round was led by Lardinois TechCrunch, the venture capital arm tied to the TechCrunch media network. Series A investors also included Anthemis and Hyperplane Venture Capital.


As a result of this new funding round,Esper Iot 30m Serieslardinoistechcrunch will be able to further upgrade their current platform and expand their team to provide more comprehensive services for businesses in the IoT space. They will be able to add new features and capabilities to their platform and enhance their customer support services. Esper is also looking to use these funds to expand the reach of their platform, targeting a wider range of IoT-enabled businesses.


 What This Investment Means for the IoT Landscape


Esper Iot 30m Serieslardinoistechcrunch  is a major investment in the IoT space and a promising sign for the future of the industry. The investments show that investors view IoT technology as a high-growth space with a lot of potential, and are willing to pour in significant capital to continue the growth and expansion of companies like Esper that are paving the way for the future of IoT.


Esper Iot 30m Serieslardinoistechcrunch Series seems to be bringing much needed innovation to the IoT space, with its impressive mobile sensing and big data capabilities. Its flexible development environment and wide range of integrated sensors make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to develop sophisticated IoT applications. This series promises to make complicated IoT projects easier, faster and more cost-effective. Ultimately, Esper IoT is likely to revolutionize the way we interact with the world around us, improving our lives in the process.

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