How to Choose the Right Wedges to Improve Your Short Game

Did you know that most of the shots on any golf course happen within 150 yards of the green? That’s why you need to carry the best golf wedges ever in your bag and choose the right one to drive the ball as near the hole as possible. Performance at the golf course comes from within you and from within your golf bag.

The trick lies in selecting a set of wedges that let you increase the number of your shots and reduce the pressure in your putting, resulting in a lower score. It’s no wonder that Bob Vokey accounted for 16% of the wedges used and was ranked third overall.

Trial and Error

Instead of trial and error, try trial before error to not commit any mistakes at the greens. It makes sense to try out the wedges before deciding to purchase. Try them out at the driving range to get the look and feel. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t regret it when you use the wedge at the greens and realize how the trial worked out in your favor.

The Grooves Matter Most

Did you know as a golf player that the grooves on the club’s face have a purpose? These grooves affect the spin on the ball and the distance it will travel. The grooves on the club are directly proportionate to the grooves on the ball. To make it simpler – the more the number of grooves on the club, the better the backspin the ball attains while leaving the clubface. The grooves help the club gain a firmer grip on the ball before spinning it across.

Choosing the Right Wedge at the Right Time

So, you are carrying four to five wedges in your golf bag. What purpose are they going to serve? You might come across a situation where you feel more than one wedge will work in your favour. Now is the time to choose the best golf wedges ever from the selection in your bag.

The smart thing to do would be to select the wedge that gives you the most confidence as you feel comfortable using it. Choose each wedge with utmost care for every single shot. For instance, if you feel that it is better to hit a flop shot with a lob wedge, go ahead and do it as you probably feel you can hit the ball high into the air with enough backspin.

Go for the Right Weight

If the wedge is too heavy for the shot, you get very wristy and steep, leading to problems. Also, don’t use high-lofted wedges just because most of the pro players do so. A 60-degree wedge may be suitable for a pro, but not for any amateur golfer.

It depends on individual physical ability, and age also matters. Older folks should not go beyond a 55-degree wedge, to be on the safe side. If you think you find a lob wedge to be a struggle, you might as well not carry it as it only adds to the weight and takes more space. Choosing the best golf wedges ever may not be the easiest task for some; however, it is worth the trouble, as you will realize once you start swinging on the greens.

Summing it Up

In short, a player needs to choose the wedge they are most comfortable using. Of course, it makes sense to test the wedges before purchasing so that you don’t have to carry wedges that you are never going to use.

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