Spanish tiles

Spanish tiles: what makes them stand out and how they can change your workplace.

The style and beauty of a house or a building define its worth. The world has drastically changed from mud houses to well-cemented and tiled shelters. There are various options available, but what you choose depends on your geographic area and needs.

But still, out of most asked for, the spanish tiles are remarkable for their intricacy and style yet second to none. If you are building an office or a house and confused about the type of tiles to go with, this article is what you need!

What are Spanish tiles?

Have you ever been to Spain? If not, these tiles will take you there without going out of your house. 

Yes! That’s what sorcery they create.

These tiles are originally from Spain and came into being thousands of years back. This means these tiles withstood the critique of all the times and kept becoming better.

These tiles are good to look at and have all the qualities you might be looking for.

But it is pertinent to mention here that the term “Spanish tiles” hides a broad range of tiles with different styles and qualities. They have traditional Spanish, sometimes, Mexican styles on them. 

What are they made of?

These tiles are handmade and hand-painted, which is one reason for their popularity. Making these tiles is a two or three-step process, but the main ingredient that adds to its versatility and resistance is given below:

  • Clay or Terra Cota clay:

These are mostly clay tiles and are Eco friendly. Clay is one of the most abundant natural materials on earth, which means it will not deplete soon. As they are made up of clay mixed with other materials, they do not deteriorate for years to come.

Besides, that clay is Eco-friendly and what makes it stand out is the ability to maintain house temperature. 

They keep things cool!

How can they change your life?

Durability, resistance, style, intricacy! Just name it, and they have got it done for you. That’s the change they bring to a drab house: walls, ceilings, and floor. 

But being the best clay tiles, they have one more plus point to them, and that is they are not much expensive!

Isn’t it like a dream? These extravagant tiles are affordable and can change your lifestyle with their magic. Having them placed on walls is the same as staying under some magic spell.

They say you can’t go to Spain, but you can buy Spanish tiles, and that’s pretty much the same thing!

Final thought:

If you are going to build a house or any other private building, do not forget to direct your house installer for Spanish tiles. Spanish tiles withstand the pressure of weather, and besides beauty, they are durable and affordable. If your installer is insisting to change your mind, replace him with some other worker as spanish tiles are worth installing in house.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your beautiful tiles right away.

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