Stump grinder

Stump grinder: what you need to consider when choosing one for you.

For business professionals like landscape contractors and tree carers, a stump grinder is important. These machines are also in need by the customers who want to remove the dead plants, bushes, or dead trees growing over their property or in their yards.

These are mainly used in construction contracts where a building is established on uneven land full of overgrown plants. But while choosing a  Stump Grinder, you should be mindful of some things to get better results.

If that’s what you are looking for, then this article is what you need!

What are stump grinders?

Stump grinders are machines that can vary from the size of a lawnmower to a car or truck. These machines have a cutter wheel with teeth covering the edge of the wheel.

These are mainly used to remove the stump of a freshly cut tree and remove bushes and overgrown plants to make construction smooth.

It is a labor-intensive process and can take time depending on the stump’s size, age, and depth. The working of a stump grinder majorly depends upon the factors discussed above.

So before you are going to pick up a stump grinder, make sure you have a piece of complete knowledge about the type of dead plants or bushes you want to be removed.

What things should you consider while choosing one for your business contract?

A single stump remover can’t be suitable for every specie of tree. It’s a rule of thumb that every problem has its solution. Likewise, every stump has a stump grinder of its characteristics.

If you are new to this and confused about the best stump grinder, you need to be mindful of the following factors. 

1) Size:

First, analyze the size of the stump to be removed. The size of a stump decides which stump grinder will fit the job.

It’s a general rule that if the stump is large, it is good to use a larger stump grinder.

And if it’s a smaller stump, a smaller stump grinder is what you need.

Even smaller stump grinders can be used to grind large stump grinders, but it will take time as it will be a slow process.

2) Depth of the stump:

How deep you want to cut a stump completely depends upon you. If you want to remove the stump from fair depth, then a tracked stump grinder is suggested, while compact handlebar stump grinders are the cure for a not-so-deep removal.

3) Type/species of tree:

Every species of tree has its hardness. Some are hard, and some are soft to cut. Hardwood stumps are easier to chop due to clean chips production. At the same time, softer woods like conifer stumps consume more time to be chopped off.


Be mindful of these tips to do your stump removal job more efficiently. No matter how inexperienced you might be at this job, keep in mind these tips can help you save the day!

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