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Make Your Home Safe: When Danger is Coming from the Air

A home should be a haven as it is an important part of a person’s private life. Indeed, there’s no place like home. Some of us are probably enjoying this self-imposed isolation. Since we spend a lot of time at home, it’s a good idea to check if we have a safe and healthy abode. Aside from making it physically clean and dirt-free, we need to make sure we also breathe clean indoor air. Although the quality of air that we breathe inside the house is mostly dependent on the outdoor air, sometimes indoor air can be hazardous as well. Carbon monoxide (gas appliances, coal, automobile exhaust fumes, fireplace), dust mites, volatile organic compounds (paint, adhesive, varnishes, pesticides, air freshener), cleaning supplies, and household chemicals are considered indoor pollutants that can cause lung disease. Moreover, poor air quality has a huge effect on vulnerable household members such as pregnant women, children, the elderly, including those with heart problems.

Medical doctors and other health advocates provided recommendations on how to have best dehumidifier australia.

Increase Home Ventilation

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, increasing home ventilation can protect yourself and your family from airborne and viral illnesses. To improve ventilation, avoid keeping your windows or screened doors tightly shut. If you’re using a window air conditioner, make sure it has an outdoor vent or air intake as some window air conditioners do not have an outside vent. When using the bathroom, open the bathroom fan.

According to Dr. E. Neil Schachter, MD, the medical director of respiratory care at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, using trickle ventilation is also recommended. It’s a ten-inch-high screen with filters, which guides indoor pollutants out and allows fresh air in.

Gas-Run Appliances Should be Cleaned and Serviced Annually

One of the most irritating gases, nitrogen dioxide, is emitted in the kitchen. When nitrogen dioxide is combined with sunlight, it produces ozone. Thus, compromising the health of family members. It can cause breathing problems even to individuals who do not have asthma.

One of the signs that indicate a stove has to be cleaned is the telltale smell. Don’t let the smoke sensor tell you that you need to act on this situation. The smoke that the stove emits will destroy the taste of the food and poses health risks.

Install a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter

This is an air purifier that removed almost 98% of pollen, dust, bacteria, mold, and any airborne particles. Using disposable HEPA can make the air conditioner more efficient. This is the best air cleaner to get rid of the sources of irritants and allergens.

Turn on the Air Conditioner

Most pollutants are water-soluble and since air conditioners remove water from the atmosphere, these pollutants are removed through their filters. Therefore, the function of the AC is not only to provide fresh air and reduce heat but also help in giving quality indoor air.

Often, we only think of the health hazards that outdoor air brings. We overlooked the dangers of the air inside our homes. Indoor air can be riskier if we do not pay attention to removing the pollutants that can cause serious diseases. Our role is crucial in promoting and achieving clean air.

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