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4 Amazing Hacks That Will Make Your Living Room Outstanding

When it comes to designing the rooms in your home, you know that living rooms are places for comfort and family gatherings. A lot of you must be tired of looking at the same boring living room setup every day. The same boring color scheme and rugs. Whether you’re looking for a redesign or a new color scheme to revamp your living room interior, here are 4 amazing hacks that will help make your living room stand out more and get a luxurious yet comfortable aesthetic. These are not major changes, but will still transform the room into something outstanding.

1.  Optimize Furniture Layout

The furniture layout decides the overall visuals of a room. Whether you want an elegant setting or a minimalistic design, the layout defines it all. An interesting tip is to not place heavy furniture towards the entrance of the living room; this will give the room an airy and open feel. Moreover, curtains should be hung closer to the ceilings. This will make the windows look massive and improve the aesthetic appeal. Also, keeping the couch under an oversized window will direct all the sunlight towards the center of the room, which will make it look bright and more welcoming.

The color scheme should be chosen according to your own preferences of course, but painting the ceiling with a dark color, such as navy blue or dark gray, will make the ceiling look higher, which will make the living room look more spacious.

2.  Add Gold Accents to Interior

Have you always wanted to make your living room look more luxurious and elegant but can’t think of any more furniture to buy? The furniture isn’t the problem- just a few small changes to the furniture will make it look ten times more elegant. By adding gold accents to furniture, mainly the handles, the edges of switchboards, mirror frames, and other interior details, a unique and elegant look will be bestowed upon your living room. Keep in mind, gold works best with gray and cream interiors but works with almost every color. A favorite with many people is gold accents on a luxury blue velvet sofa- it would definitely give the room a royal look.

3.  Artificial Fireplace

A fireplace brings an extra appeal to the living room that cannot be substituted by heaters. They emulate luxury and elegance like no other piece of furniture can. However, fireplaces are tough to deal with. Since it’s a nuisance to deal with the soot, cleaning and lighting the fireplace.  They also come with the risk of a fire hazard. So, a solution to this problem is using an electric fireplace. You don’t even have to be worried about it looking fake, because the most realistic electric fireplace is now available and it looks amazing. An electric fireplace will give your house a highly aesthetic touch, as well as the required heat.

4.  Wooden Blinds and Indoor Plants

Finally, to give your living room a more nature-friendly look, wooden blinds can be used. Not only do they provide a rustic appeal, but they also give the room a modern look. Moreover, if you have wooden flooring, the wooden blinds will complement it. Plus, they’re available in different colors, grain textures, and styles to go with any theme you have. There are also other rustic wooden aesthetics that can be added as accessories to a living room to make up a theme.

Indoor plants placed throughout the living room can instantly make the room airier and looking fresher. If you think plants are too much of a responsibility, just get some low-maintenance plants, like devil’s ivy. And for plant lovers, there’s a huge variety available. A nice touch would be to get small potted plants in pairs and avoid big-leafy plants. Too many plants would not be too appealing, so it should be avoided. The most preferable indoor plants are aloe vera, rubber plants, or spider plants. They’re easy to take care of and are aesthetically pleasing. The color of the leaves should also be taken into consideration so that it matches the interior.

In a nutshell, the living room is the heart of your house. It leaves an impression of your personality and your lifestyle. While furniture plays a role in the visual appeal of the room, the way you decorate it matters the most. Making sure your living room is usually appealing to yourself and everyone else is essential. From small hacks to choosing the correct color scheme and layout, every step is important in defining the final aesthetic of your living room.

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