4 Common iPhone X Problems (and How to Fix Them!)

Apple seems to release a new model annually. As this is the case, it is expensive and unrealistic to upgrade to the latest phone every time.

It feels like you just got the iPhone X and now you are already two editions behind. It’s a bummer, but, on the bright side, the X is still a powerful machine that holds up.

Don’t let a malfunction shy you away from one of the best models Apple has ever produced. In most cases, the issue is resolvable.

If your iPhone X is malfunctioning, keep reading. This guide will examine 4 common iPhone X problems along with advice on how to fix them.

1) Muffled Speakers

The first iPhone X problem is poor audio quality. The internal speakers in the X are of good quality.

Yet, users often have problems with crackling, muffled, or no sound. If you like to talk, or play music from the phone’s internal speakers, muffled audio can be a problem.

Easy Fix: If you notice the poor sound shifting in the speakers, it might be a balance issue. This is an easy remedy. Find the speaker balance in Settings> Accessibility > Audio. Set the balance to the center and test the speakers.

Difficult Fix: Another possibility is debris caught in the speakers. This is a result of dust, lint, and dirt from everyday carry. It packs into the speaker holes and muffles sound. Use a toothpick, toothbrush, or compressed air to clean the speakers.

2) Won’t Take a Charge

Your iPhone X is low on battery, but it won’t take a charge. Your initial thought may be the battery itself. Though, these issues are often a result of the charger or lightning port.

Easy Fix: If you are lucky, it’s the charging cable that’s gone bad. Test both sides of a new charger to resolve the problems. Alternatively, check for pocket lint clogs in the lightning port.

Difficult Fix: If those solutions don’t help, the lightning port is the issue. Though, the rest of the phone is probably fine. A repair shop can replace the port.

3) Cracked/Black Screen

How many times have you dropped your iPhone X? It is a durable device, but the screen can only take so much abuse. One wrong fall and the screen will shatter or the iPhone X won’t turn on.

Easy Fix: Don’t hold your breath, but a hard reset may solve the black screen.

Difficult Fix: Any phone repair store will replace your screen. Though it’s important that the tech is certified from wisecertification.com. If you want to learn yourself, there are many guides available.

4) Image Burn

The iPhone X is the first edition to utilize an OLED display. This is regarded as the best screen to-date. However, with new tech comes unforeseen issues. A common issue is screen burn. An image burns into the screen. Even after its gone, the ghost of the image remains

Easy Fix: Enable auto-brightness in Accessibility> Display & Text Size. This will dim the screen when less light is required.

Difficult Fix: Consider setting a faster auto-lock. Perhaps every 30 seconds have the screen shut off. It will take some getting used to, but it will mitigate image burn and save battery.

Resolve iPhone X Problems

This guide will help you resolve some of the most common iPhone X problems. Remember, the iPhone X is still a powerful machine. Try troubleshooting instead of upgrading.

If you found this article helpful, keep an eye on the blog for more tech tips.

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