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Advantage Of Led Bulbs Over Traditional Halogen Bulbs

We all are more or less passionate about interior and exterior decoration with lights.

The light source we use affects the atmospheric balance and environment. Traditional light sources spoil the aesthetic vibe of nature. Traditional halogen bulbs produce excessive heat and consume extensive electricity.

New development of the lighting industry is LED lighting. It is durable, more illuminating than other sources, energy-efficient, and has a long life span. It consumes less power that reduces the cost.

How Does Halogen Light Work?

Light generation from a halogen bulb is not efficient. It consumes high electricity and burns quickly, which is not at all eco-friendly.

Inside filament gets heated and starts to glow, and this process generates excessive heat.

How Does LED Light Work?

LED light does not consist of filament. It simply works on the method of diodes and semiconductors. Current gets induced on the semiconductor, and this passage of current generates light. LED emits 80% light and 20% heat.

Latest and upgraded LED lights light up quickly. As it is an energy-efficient source, people prefer this source for trendy lighting decoration. If you want get your LED strip for home decoration, visit: mrperfect.dk.

LEDs Have Numbers Of Advantages Over Halogen Lamps

Colour Profile: LEDs are available in migrant colours for lighting decoration. Halogen lights consume more electricity and emit white light only. This is good for certain situations, but when we require different colours for splashing moving and other modes, we find LEDs as a better option.

Heat: Energy wastage is the most significant disadvantage of halogen light. They also produce high heat. This light burns immediately by any accident, and the room temperature suddenly gets raised significantly. This is not at all suitable in the summer season for its heat generation. LEDs produce little heat. They keep the environment pleasant without adding temperature. Due to low heat generation, they are safe to be used, and there is less chance for any accident.

Energy Efficient: Halogen bulbs need a large amount of electricity to produce light, and this causes substantial electric bills. On the other note, LEDs use minimum power to produce light, which causes a huge saving at the end of the month. They are eco-friendly as they reduce carbon footprints which harm the atmospheric pressure and the air.

Long Life Span: While Halogen lamps last for a maximum of 1000 hours, LEDs emit for at least 60,000 hrs. In this period, 10-20 halogen bulbs will be needed to buy for home lighting. This is cost-effective and raises expenses. LEDs save money and maintain our expenditure. There is no tension of maintenance because a LED is easy to fix and will produce light a year long.

Power Source: Halogen bulbs are used to make torches, and in this case, halogen gives excellent light. On the other side, LEDs can be placed in small or micro things such as watch battery, for their low power consumption. They are used primarily during festive seasons. These LEDs can lighten up Christmas lights, light strips, garden lights without connecting to the main supply.

Durable: LEDs are made of solid semiconductors. Semiconductor makes them durable. Halogen consists of quartz and glass, and they are much more rigid and fragile. They are a little bit complicated in fixing because they can be broken down by any accident. LEDs are more reliable and worthy. It has less chance to get damaged. LEDs reduce the risk of an accident or getting injured.

Compact Design: LEDs come in different sizes. You can also select different shapes as per your requirement. These shapes and sizes help the manufacturer to make with almost any specification. This is why they are used from small to more minor things like; mobile phones to security lights. Halogen lamps are not at all user-friendly. They don’t get adopted in any specification because halogen bulbs are constrained. LEDs can be fixed freely and efficiently anywhere in the house, from floor to wall, and their flexibility makes them more popular in the lighting industry.

Your Best Option For Your Decoration and Lighting Is LEDs

If you are looking for a product for energy saving, easier maintenance, and environmental care, you should go for LEDs. They are available in various colours with different modes like; moving, splashing. Alternating lighting, even they have light power output with more intense light.  You don’t need to buy it frequently because it is long durable, and cost-saving. So if you are looking for perfect lighting decoration, you are on the right track. Go and get the LEDs for your home decoration.

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