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4 Wooden Fence Issues That Can Be Eliminated With Quality Fence Posts

Wooden fences make great additions to your property in terms of security and privacy. Adding a fence to your property is also a good way to increase the value of your home. Both buyers as well as renters appreciate a fenced yard to contain children and pets, as well as deter unwelcome visitors.

When having wooden fences installed the type of hardware and fence posts used can really make a difference in terms of how long your fence will last. Using quality fence posts, or even metal fence posts, will eliminate many problems in advance and really is worth the investment. Finding a professional fence company in Pensacola like CW Services Fencing to do the job is an easy way to have a fence installed efficiently.

  1. Post Rot

When wood is exposed continuously to moisture in the soil, rot is the result. Post rot can completely destroy the integrity of your fence pretty quickly once it sets in. With post rot, you really don’t have any other choice but to dig up the existing post and completely replace it with a new one. Even pressure-treated wood fence posts will not stand up to prolonged exposure for long without developing rot.

  1. Cracking

Depending on the weather conditions and the climate you live in, wooden fences can become dried out and brittle with exposure to the elements. When wood becomes dry and brittle cracks often form. A crack in your fence can compromise the integrity of the entire fence. Using a fence company in Pensacola to sink post brackets made of metal is a great choice to avoid initial exposure and keep your fence crack-free.

  1. Warping

Wooden fences are a natural material and will swell and shrink with weather conditions. Alternately swelling and shrinking over time will cause wood to warp. Quality wooden fence posts that are treated and installed with the proper hardware will outlast untreated wood many times over. Find a fence company in Pensacola to help you install your wooden fence properly making for a fence that lasts.

  1. Breaking

If your fence is leaning, you will need to assess for damage quickly to make sure that your posts are not broken. Having wooden fence panels and posts that are broken is a problem that occurs for a variety of reasons including insect damage from fire ants or termites, or UV radiation and harsh weather conditions. Using treated fencing along with quality fence posts, and a reliable installation method is the best way to preserve your investment.

Quality Fencing

Wooden fencing is an attractive and fairly inexpensive way to border your property that adds security and value to your home. By using quality materials from a professional fencing company, you have great odds that your fence will survive the elements without excessive restoration. Materials are available to avoid the common pitfalls listed above to extend the life of your fence and protect your wallet from unnecessary costs associated with the repairs. Look for a quality fence company in Pensacola to get started today.

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