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5 Accessories for Men That’ll Elevate Any Look

Men’s fashion has long been overlooked and not given the same importance and attention as women’s fashion. While there are many guides and rules to help women cultivate their fashion sense, the case for men is different. So to help men out, here is a list of accessories that men can use to elevate any look.

From watches to men’s signet rings, many things can subtly enhance a person’s outfit. So, let’s take a look at five accessories that easily elevate any look:

  1. Bracelets

A simple way to brighten up any look is by adding a bracelet. There are many types of bracelets available for men, and solid metal ones, thin bands, chunky layered bracelets are a few. Moreover, delicate metal bands in gold or silver are perfect for everyday use, as they do not draw too much attention as chunky bracelets do, and they look stylish.

They also go with any outfit like jeans, formal suits etc. Besides, chunky, colourful bracelets with layers are better for casual looks and are great to wear during fun outings with friends.

  1. Rings

Rings not only signify the marital status of a man but are also accessories that help look good. Men’s signet rings work well as statement rings since signet rings are also known as “gentleman’s rings”. Meanwhile, the seal in the ring usually carries traditional symbols or family crests.

Personalising them with a sentimental date or initials is also a great idea. They look good with formal outfits like suits and add a unique touch. Rings with precious stones or simple metal bands are also good accessory options, as they are subtle but give a classy look to any outfit. Also, these men’s signet rings are good statement pieces that look bold.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fun accessory that can add style and a pop of colour to any look. They not only protect one from the hot sun but also look fashionable. There are many types of sunglasses like wayfarers, rimless, wrap-around, clip-on, etc., so it is crucial to choose glasses that suit one’s face. As a guide, for people with round face structures, rectangular or square frames look good, and smaller frames suit people with oval faces.

Knowing what looks good with one’s body shape and size is necessary to accessorise and dress accordingly. Sunglasses also pair well with formal suits, and Aviators and Clubmasters are the best choices since they give a professional and classy look. Moreover, for casual outings and day outs with friends, go for big glasses with coloured frames for a fun look.

  1. Chains

Chains do not carry the same importance in men’s fashion compared to women’s fashion. Most jewellery, like chains, chokers, necklaces etc., has long been considered women’s accessories. But they are as much men’s as they are women’s. Single layered long chains suit all outfits, and chains in gold or rose gold are very stylish and have a classy look. Pendants are also a good choice with chains, so you can wear a pendant with a personal symbol to stand out and look unique.

  1. Scarves

Like chains and necklaces, scarves are also not usually considered men’s accessories, but they are. They are the perfect winter day accessory since wearing a colourful wool scarf during winter can instantly make any dull day bright. There are also different ways to wear scarves. Reverse drape, cowl scarf, the front knot, Parisian knot are a few of the many ways to drape a scarf.

Aside from the above-mentioned, belts, hats, ties, gloves are also great accessories that elevate any look. So, whatever accessories one wears, make sure to wear them with confidence and enjoy the day!

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