5 Benefits of Using CBG Products for Fitness

The cannabis plant and its byproducts are getting more love than ever these days, and it’s for good reason. The benefits that it can give you far outweigh the risks, and scientists and medical professionals are finding new applications for it every day.

CBG products are no exception to this trend. CBG can actually benefit your workout regimen and your overall fitness. Here are five ways how CBG products benefit you in fitness.

What Is CBG?

Cannabigerol, otherwise known as CBG, is a nonintoxicating substance that originates from the family of cannabis. It’s similar to hemp, the cousin of marijuana, but carries similar benefits to its other cousin CBD, or cannabinoids.

Considered a ‘mother cannabinoid’, CBG is the compound that CBD and other cannabinoids originate as.

1) Helps with Aches and Pains

When exercising you can develop many aches and pains, and CBG can take care of that for you. Cannabis-derived products have been shown to have great effects in this area, but CBG could be the best yet.

Several studies have shown that it’s a great remedy for pain relief, even better than its cousin THC.

2) Stimulates Your Appetite

We all know the stereotype that when you use marijuana you get the munchies. However, with CBG that’s a real thing.

CBG encourages hyperphagia, which is essentially the medical term for excessive hunger. Now, you might think this is bad, but this good for people working out to get gains in healthy weight and muscle mass.

If you need a high caloric intake, then here’s some CBG for sale.

3) Helps You Sleep

Getting rest is an essential part of a good workout, and CBG is can help with that. CBG can help relieve insomnia, and this can aid you in recovery.

Sleeping faster and longer allows you to be more prepared and energetic for the next workout.

4) Acts As an Antibacterial Agent

Like its other counterparts, CBG is known as an antibacterial agent. However, CBG has shown itself to be a superior bacteria fighter than THC, CBD, or CBC.

It can fight off bacterial strains such as MRSA, which is well-known for its resistance to antibiotics. This is extremely helpful in places like gyms because viruses and infections like Staph make regular appearances there.

5) Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can often be the bane of your physical progress and overall wellness. Anxiety from not getting the gains you want and body insecurities can severely affect your progress.

These can actually negatively affect you in the long run, causing things like heart disease and weakened immune systems. CBG can help you ease your stress and make you feel better about yourself.

Get Your Hands On CBG Products

CBG is a great means to take care of your body, and CBG products can help you get the gains you want in your fitness regimen. Take care of your body, both physically and mentally, and get yourself some CBG.

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