5 Different Types of Vapers that You’ll Encounter

Entering the world of vaping is an exciting journey, and just like any other subculture, there are several different types of individuals you will run into. Each of these individuals have their own specific interests and reasons why they got into vaping, and while some belong to one category, others may fall into several of them.

Whether you are in it for the flavor, the cool vaping techniques, or simply do it for pleasure, here are five different types of vapers you’ll encounter once you start vaping.

The enthusiastic beginner

This is the phase each vaper goes through when they first get interested in vaping. Often referred to as the fledgling, this type of vapers is an enthusiastic beginner who’s overly excited about all things vaping. They will gladly show and talk about their device (that’s often pretty basic) to everyone who expresses even the slightest interest in the vaping culture.

Oftentimes, they will use the wrong terminology and ask some basic questions. However, it is their enthusiasm for learning that will help them level up and eventually end up in one of the categories below.

The mentor

At the other end of the spectrum, we have mentors. Mentors are basically vapers who possess vast experience in all things vaping-related. They always make sure to stay on top of the latest trends, and they like doing research before upgrading or purchasing new vaping tools and devices.

Usually, they will take a fledgling under their wing and show them a thing or two about vaping. They will often offer some great advice, and may even head online to share their thoughts on an e-liquid or e-cigarette hardware in an online review.

The casual pragmatist

This is the type of vapers that prefers function over form and likes to keep things low-key. They take a rather pragmatic approach to vaping and look at their devices simply as tools rather than accessories or a hobby. They are into vaping for pleasure, and they prefer the convenience of cheap and disposable models that they can just grab and go.

Oftentimes, the casual pragmatists are individuals looking to ditch tobacco, but they may be simply developing this new interest. Some may be vaping because it looks cool while others may look at their e-cigs as an alternative to relieving stress without turning to cigarettes.

The flavor hunter

Speaking of vaping for pleasure, we have another type of vapers who is more on the sensual side – the flavor hunters. The thing that attracts them to vaping is the variety of different tastes and aromas, and the vaping device is simply there to provide that experience.

Because of that, the flavor hunter will often get the best disposable vape pen that they can find on the market. They need a device that makes it easy for them to switch between the aromas they are experimenting with, and a disposable vape is just that – easy to use and maintenance-free. Their aim? Become the ultimate flavor connoisseur, exploring all the different aromas from cool, fruity ones, to velvety, tobacco tastes.

The cloud chaser

While the flavor hunter is in it for aromas, the cloud chaser is there for the fun and the creativity that comes with exploring different vaping techniques. Instead of the taste of the e-liquid, they focus more on what they can create with the vapor. Also referred to as the trickster, the main goal of a cloud chaser is to amaze other vapers by their stunning vaping tricks (hence the term, trickster).

From forming O-rings to blowing trick puffs such as jellyfish or a tornado, cloud chasers are always on the search for the next amazing trick they can learn. After practicing for a while, they can enter competitions or even take a shot at going viral.

There is no doubt that vaping can be a great alternative to smoking. However, if you take a closer look at the industry, you will realize that there is so much more to vaping. It is a community full of individuals with diverse backgrounds, priorities, and interests that, despite their differences, share their love for all things vaping-related, resulting in the unique vaper subculture that we know today.


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