How Embracing Diversity Will Fix the Broken Social Fabric

How Embracing Diversity Will Fix the Broken Social Fabric?

Have you ever just sat down and imagined a world where people don’t have a hard time accepting diversity and embracing it as if it is no big deal? Sounds pretty utopian, right? 

Well, what I tell you is that embracing all kinds of diversity among us with an open heart is the only way to keep the social fabric of our society?

If you are wondering if it is even possible, then you need to read the following, and you’ll understand how the world becomes a better place if people open their hearts a little bit more and accept others without any prejudice.

Here’s how it’ll help in healing the broken fabric of society:

Hate Crime Will be a Thing of the Past 

The first and the most important thing that is breaking the social fabric of our society is the hate crime against the people who contribute towards the diversity of the society. History is filled with examples where hatred took the best of the people, and thousands of precious lives were lost. Therefore it is important that you break your echo chamber and put an end to this madness and start accepting diversity as one of the most important factors that are holding the social fabric of our society together.

Minorities and Oppressed Factions of Society will thrive 

Millions of innocent dreams die every day just because they are not given an equal chance to thieve and live their lives as they should because of injustice and inequality. You need to make sure that you play your role in accepting people as they are and making this world and your society a better place for them to thrive to their full potential.

States Will be Forced to Treat it’s Citizens Equally 

One of the most important aspects of accepting diversity with open arms is that when there is no hatred in the society, the state will be forced to treat all its citizens equally. This way, your country will start progressing in a better direction, and the state’s resources will be used for the betterment of all the citizens equally. It means that ultimately, the broken fabric of your society will be restored in a progressive way.

So, play your part in leaving this world in a better shape for the future generations to come. Preach and practice tolerance and say goodbye to all your pride and prejudices.

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