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5 Funeral Reception Organization Tips

A funeral is one of the most painful occasions for the gathering of a family. Whether the cause is old age, illness, or accident, nobody wants to see their loved ones in a casket.

This can be quite a tough time for you, having to deal with both the grief of death and the responsibility of organizing the deceased’s funeral reception. We hope the given guide will aid you with your funeral preparation in this troubling time of your life. Also, prefer the best funeral director adelaide that can work with you and arrange the perfect funeral for your loved one.

Remember what a funeral reception is:

A funeral reception or post-funeral reception is an event that occurs after a funeral where close friends and relatives gather to remember the deceased. Although an event generally considered negative, a funeral reception may also be a time where relations and friends who have not met each other in a long time get to reconnect.

As funerals are generally somber arrangements, a post-funeral arrangement is probably the best time and place for people to discuss, fondly remember, and celebrate the life of the deceased.

There are a few points you should keep in mind when organizing a funeral reception. These are:

  • Doing the arrangements for the funeral:

Under the pre- Arrangements, you will have to do:

  • Make “First Calls” to notify the appropriate parties to have the deceased move out of the place of death.
  • Confirm deceased transportation, remember to contact the appropriate agency to help you to transport the body to a funeral home or storage facility.
  • Check if the deceased has left any plans for their funeral, this might be with their lawyers or known by their close acquaintances.
  • Meet with a funeral director and begin planning the funeral services, here you will decide the fate of the body ( whether it is to be buried, cremated, etc.), rituals before the ceremony, and type of ceremony.
  • Select the funeral and memorial products, including, the caskets for sale, burial vault or urn, also, remember to select memorial products such as cards, stationery, or online memorials.
  • Handling the legal matters can be done with the help of a lawyer, but simply includes division of property and wealth. Most of this will be mentioned in the will of the deceased.

Having the funeral arrangements set will help make sure that the funeral goes without a hitch. So make sure these are done well.

  • Where to conduct the gathering:

Funeral receptions are generally done at a designated space in places of worship, home, or an area in the funeral home designated for it.

However, conducting the reception at a place the deceased used to frequent or liked a lot is a good idea to help the family understand a little more about him. However, this might not always be possible, so do whatever is in your power.

  • Remember to add food and drink:

When preparing for a funeral reception it is important to add consumables.

You might also opt for a potluck or eating from your religious congregation’s provisions as tradition tells.

When choosing a drink remember to pick a well-aged, strong & premium rum. This is a time for people to get out of their comfort zones and truly cherish memories with each other, to forget sibling rivalries, and come together in a celebration of the memories with the deceased.

Depending on your culture and traditions, you might end up having certain restrictions on food and beverages, certain religions prohibit the consumption of alcohol after a funeral while others require the consumption of certain foods.

  • Religious restrictions:

Remember that certain religions and traditions might have certain restrictions against celebrating the day after the death of an individual. In such cases, it might be wise to follow the dictate of your religion.

For further details on what the guidelines are and whether you can perform such a ceremony, you will have to talk to your local religious head.

  • Speeches:

Make sure to have a few of the attendees prepare to talk about the deceased and the influence they had in their lives. This will help share the past of the individual, clearing past doubts and questions in the process.

Following these steps will help you organize a successful post-funeral reception worthy of the one you valued.

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