5 Natural Home Remedies for Dogs with Arthritis

Thanks to modern medicines, our dogs can live longer now, but they come with several physical issues while growing older. One of the prevalent ones is mobility issues. You might find your dog is becoming inactive, lazy, reluctant to do anything, or agitated if being touched. These can be the symptoms that your dog is suffering from any underlying disease such as arthritis. As per the pet experts, out of every five senior dogs, one can be the victim of this severe bone joint disease. Though modern veteran medications and therapies are there to help the dogs, you can also include some natural home remedies to relieve their pain. In this article, we will discuss that. So let’s get started with how to identify an arthritic dog.

Understanding Dog’s Arthritis – Owner’s Perspectives

It may sound significantly more accessible, but understanding whether a dog is in pain or not is quite hard. These voiceless furry buddies can’t tell that s/he is in pain; all you need to have a close look at their behaviors. A slight behavioral change can be a sign of arthritis, which, if ignored, can be fatal and lead to more health problems. Following are some of the behavioral changes that can indicate that your dog has developed arthritis in its body,

  • Unable to move from a place to another.
  • Inactivity and reluctance to jump from any upward places like stairs, sofas, cars, etc.
  • More sleepiness and tiredness
  • Limping or difficulty in walking
  • Licking, chewing, or biting to a particular area of their body
  • Changing behavior and negligence towards the daily routine
  • Yelping when you are touching one specific area of their body (the affected part)
  • Irritability or agitation when being around
  • Reluctance to eat or drink anything

If you find any of these changes mentioned above or symptoms in your dog’s behavior, consulting a veteran expert at the earliest will be the first step you should take. As soon as you consult a pet expert, it will be easier for your dogs to cope with the pain’s intensity through appropriate remedies and medication.

5 Ways You Can Relieve Your Arthritic Dog With Natural Home Remedies

While the veterans are busy with the medications and therapies for your arthritic pet, you can use some of the natural home remedies to make them feel more relieved when they are home. It helps them cope easily with bone joint pain and mobility issues. As per the pet experts, incorporating the home remedies with the medication makes the dogs feel more comfortable and relaxed, positively impacting the ongoing veteran therapies. Following are the five natural home remedies which if appropriately maintained, can relieve your arthritic dog,

  1. Diet: Diet plays an essential role in the body structure and composition, and having a healthy diet regularly, can improve the overall health of arthritic dogs. A special diet containing omega 3-fatty acids, chondroitin sulfate, and glucosamine is highly effective in arthritis. Though arthritis is prevalent in senior dogs, diet controls your dog’s health condition by maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the painful joints’ stress, and lowering inflammation.
  2. CBD Oil: For any of the arthritic dogs, this natural home remedy works like magic. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the great medicines you can use on your arthritic dogs to relieve them from this chronic pain. With anti-inflammatory factors, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptor and stabilizes the body with serotonin secretion. Though CBD is safe to use on pets for its lesser THC content, still using the best quality and branded CBD oil is strongly recommended. Check Healthcanal to get some of the popular CBD oil brand reviews with great purchase deals
  3. Exercises: Excessive body weight or obesity can be a leading reason behind arthritis other than aging, which needs daily exercises a must for arthritic dogs to prevent further injuries. But an evening walk or morning run can be excruciating for arthritic dogs due to joint pain. Hence incorporating some mild or moderate exercises like swimming can work well for your dog’s health.
  4. Comfortable Bedding: Arthritic dogs come with severe irritations, restricting them from getting settled anywhere or relaxing. But incorporating softer padded beds or couches for them will put a cherry on the top. A well-cushioned foamy bed provides excellent comfort to dogs with arthritis and other joint pains. You can also get a lower edge sofa for your arthritic dogs.
  5. Ramp Installation: Osteoarthritis or any type of arthritis in dogs makes them unable to walk, jump, run or move, making them inactive through time. Installation of ramps can be ideal for both small and medium-sized dogs. It will help them to climb up and down easily. To help them walk on the floor, you can also use rubber boots or artificial power paws on your dog’s paws.

Home remedies work well when implemented appropriately with other medications and therapies. It is strongly recommended to consult with a veteran or a pet expert before opting for any of these. Since not every older dog develops arthritis, using any of these remedies without proper dosage and an expert consultation can have a negative effect on your pets.

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