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Is it necessary to install snow guards on the roof necessarily

With the onset of winter, many homeowners worry about the snow on their roof, which can easily become a roof avalanche and consequently a hazard. Snow guards can provide a remedy: they are a proven snow guard system for roofs that protects people from injury and objects and parked cars from property damage caused by snow avalanches. Those who have already made appropriate safeguards can rest easy. However, if there are no snow guards on the roof, they may need to be installed as soon as possible to prevent damage and injury or to avoid liability in the event of damage. To keep your roof clean in the summer, you can use cordless pressure washers. They are multifunctional and will do the job perfectly.

Is there an obligation to install snow guards?

In principle, homeowners are obliged to take measures to protect against roof avalanches if circumstances require such safety measures. An obligation to install snow guards depends on the nature and location of the building. In addition, the type and volume of traffic are relevant. Depending on the state, there are specific regulations in local codes or even building codes that serve to prevent such snow damage from roof avalanches. In Lower Saxony, for example, all newly built houses with roofs facing a public traffic area and with a roof pitch of more than 45 degrees must have a snow guard. However, snow guard regulations can also be established by the individual statutes of municipalities.

The snow guard obligation results from the traffic safety obligation, which has the function of averting sources of danger. Failure to do so can lead to claims for damages.

What else you need to know about the snow guard obligation

A homeowner has fulfilled his duty to protect the public if he has installed snow guards. As a rule, he does not have to fulfill any other obligations beyond this, such as putting up warning signs. It should be noted that, in principle, the homeowner has the option of assigning the duty to install snow guards to the tenant, janitor or manager.

The obligation to install snow guards generally requires the installation of snow grates. Common dimensions for snow guards are 3 m wide and 20 cm high. In combination with the appropriate supports, snow guards are suitable for different roof lengths and for many types of roofing; snow guards are also available for roofs with photovoltaic modules. Prices vary depending on height, material and length. Generally, the protective grids cost between 20 and 30 euros per linear meter.


A snow guard obligation for homeowners only applies under certain conditions, which ultimately depend on various factors. These include the snow conditions of the location, as well as the condition and location of the building. For example, roof avalanche protection measures are mandatory for buildings with a roof pitch of 45 degrees in snowy areas.

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