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5 Obstacles That Can Prevent Addiction Recovery

Recovering from an addiction is often a lifelong commitment people must make. It’s not just about clearing the substance from your system but developing the skills and coping mechanisms to remain sober.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of obstacles people can face on their path to recovery that have almost nothing to do with the substance itself. Here are 5 common examples:

  • No Support System

Addiction can isolate a person from their friends and family, but in some cases so can recovery. Your loved ones might not fully understand what you are going through, in which case they cannot provide you with the right support to help you stay on track.

Without a strong support system, addiction recovery can seem very lonely, especially if during your addiction you were able to take part in social activities. For example, those recovering from alcohol addiction often find they can no longer take part in many social gatherings because alcohol will likely be present.

  • Pressure 

Pressure can come from the outside, or it can even come from the person who is going through addiction recovery. The desire to be better and see yourself healed from your addiction can be incredibly empowering, but it can also become frustrating whenever you encounter an obstacle.

Because obstacles exist, and you will likely come across them.

  • Doing It for Others

Many people begin their addiction recovery when they realize how much suffering their habit has caused to those they love. However, you cannot successfully complete your recovery if you’re only on this path to please others.

You need to reach that point where you realize this is the right thing to do for yourself, and your wellbeing as well.

  •  Lack of Trust in Yourself

Wanting to recover from addiction and believing you can do it are two entirely different things. When you don’t believe you have the strength to overcome substance abuse and addiction, you can end up self-sabotaging your own recovery.

This can also be a problem if the root of your addiction comes from your social circle. Lack of self-esteem and confidence in your ability makes you more likely to fall prey to these bad influences, and jeopardize your recovery.

  •  Lack of Resources

The addiction recovery process can rarely be managed on your own. It’s incredibly important to seek professional help and tap into such resources to build a stronger sobriety system. 

It’s not a question of whether you are strong enough to do this yourself. Addiction, by nature, is a complicated condition that requires a complex treatment plan, tailored to your specific needs.

 Final Thoughts

Even with such obstacles, you can overcome your addiction and stay sober. A rehab facility can help you build strong mechanisms you can always rely on to stay on your path, and not return to your substance of choice.

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