Did you know? Mathematical facts about Blackjack

Whilst math might not have been the most enjoyable subject at school and perhaps one of the most challenging that a student can potentially take during their academic years, there is no doubt that it can come in pretty handy when gambling.

There will be a number of different betting activities that can allow participants to use math to their advantage and try and give them an edge, whilst many gaming operators and developers will look to use the subject as a way of working out things such as the house edge.

Blackjack is just one game in which mental arithmetic can be applied and potentially used as a benefit when playing the game, as those who are able to do the sums correctly are in a great position to be able to win more often than they lose.

There are a number of different ways in which math can be used, especially when it comes down to playing a certain hand, with many versions providing an interesting number of side bets that can be extremely lucrative and rewarding when used correctly.

Splitting Eights

One way in which math can be used for those who play blackjack online with a live dealer is when they decide to split eights. This is a type of side bet that can be used and one that could make the hand held to be rather strong after initially appearing rather concerning.

When starting with a hand that consists of a pair of eights, players would typically start with a hard 16, which is considered to be the worst possible hand to have. Those that split these cards, though, have a greater chance of winning as they will start with two hands whereby a total of eight out of the 13 cards available can put a player into a strong position.

Splitting Aces

Similar to starting with a pair of eights, many blackjack games will allow players to split their hands if they receive a pair of aces at the beginning of a round. With two aces, players will either have a hand of either two or 12. These values are also amongst some of the worst that can be had to begin a game with.

Those that immediately decide to split the hand, though, will instantly have a better hand as they will have a better chance of obtaining a high value. For instance, any card of 10 and upwards (royal) will provide them with a total of 21, whilst six through nine will provide a hand of 17 or better. Two through five will not help too much but, like before, eight of the 13 possible cards possible will be of benefit.

Doubling Down

Math can be used when players look to double down on the bets that they make when they receive the hand that they have been dealt with. For instance, by knowing the math behind having a hard 11, 10 or 9, players will know it is typically more profitable to double down than hit.

One of the best betting strategies is to double down when the dealer has anything other than an Ace showing and the player has a hard 11. This is because players will have the possibility of acquiring another card to their hand that will unlikely see them go bust, thus potentially improving their chances of winning the hand.

Sizing the bet

Whilst it is known that the house will always have an edge when playing a game of blackjack, math can help bettors to work out what they should be staking.

It is recommended that bettors place the minimum bet when there is an edge in the casino’s favor, although those that have managed to reduce the edge as much as possible should look to size their bet as they will have a greater chance of turning a profit.

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