Serverwala Review: Start Your Own Business Website with Dedicated Server in India


Often, people cling to the shared hosting service to host their newly started business website. It is because they need minimal resources and privileges. And shared hosting provides enough of them to begin your web business. However, the conventional peer-to-peer networking model that comes with shared hosting eventually becomes insufficient. Because you require the exclusive use of web resources and flexibility in hosting your business to advance your site’s growth. These requirements are also justified especially when it comes to bringing a considerable amount of traffic to your site and generating good revenue. 


Thus, the effective hosting solution that can enter here is rendered by the dedicated server in India. Leap into the sections below to learn why and how a dedicated server india can serve as the ideal hosting solution for your business website.

What is Dedicated Server India? 

As the name suggests, a india dedicated server operates completely for a user who leases it. While renting a dedicated server, you acquire the entire server space as well as the server resources for your business website. The dedicated server hosting in India swipes away all the restraints that come up while hosting your site on other hosting servers. You can deploy a dedicated server from the beginning or after hopping and upgrading from other servers. 

The standard benefits that you obtain while hosting your business website on a dedicated server in India are –


  • You get full authority over your server.
  • You obtain the dedicated IP address for your website.
  • You can run the compatible operating system, applications, and programs.
  • You get high data security with a india dedicated server as it renders the private hosting platform.
  • You acquire the higher availability of web resources round-the-clock. 

Types of Dedicated Server in India 

Before you pick any dedicated server India, you must know which of its types is most suitable for you. You can find the two broadly categorized forms of the dedicated server in India. Let’s get their glimpse. 

Managed dedicated server 

With the managed dedicated server in India, your host takes complete care of hosting your business website efficiently. That means your hosting provider is responsible for configuring, managing, upgrading, and securing your dedicated server throughout. And, you can give your sole attention to the other aspects of your business and remain at the forefront. In general, the managed dedicated server hosting service is picked by those users who do not have time to deal with their dedicated server in India. Also, it is perfectly suitable for those who have just got started with their business website and do not possess much expertise in server technicalities. 

Unmanaged dedicated server

You acquire the complete responsibility of maintaining and operating your server with unmanaged dedicated server hosting. Opposite to managed dedicated server hosting, your hosting provider does not take much charge of your server’s customization and administration. You get a complete hold of your server and can run it in your own way. Those who wish to take charge of every server’s operation choose the unmanaged dedicated server in India. 


Always remember to find a trustworthy and industry-leading hosting provider while you decide to pick the india dedicated server. Such a hosting provider will enable you to make complete value out of the dedicated server hosting. 


Serverwala web hosting company is highly recognized for rendering the best-dedicated server hosting India. It is among the top-notch and renowned organizations of the corporate world. The company provides resilient enterprise-grade hardware based on the latest technology that ensures the optimal performance of your website. Moreover, Serverwala aims to deliver high-grade and intense hosting facilities at a minimal cost. So, without a doubt, you will attain the full value of your money. Check out further the plans and features of the company’s dedicated server in India.

Serverwala Best Dedicated Server Hosting Plans in India

You can have the cheapest dedicated server India plans and packages with the Serverwala web hosting company. They are highly flexible in terms of employing them for your different website’s necessities. Moreover, you will be able to quickly scale up the resources anytime that come up with your plan. You will also get the possibility to upgrade your plan hassle-free as per your business demands.


Additionally, the company renders 24/7 technical support from certified experts with both managed and unmanaged plans. They will be available via various communication channels to offer instant and easily accessible solutions. Thus, even if you are taking charge of your server on your own, you will still not be alone while dealing with any server issues. 

Features of Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server India

  • Premium Bandwidth

The company’s dedicated server in india hosting renders the fastest and robust network. Your business website will have premium bandwidth. It can obtain the bandwidth from 100 MBPS to the highest connectivity of 1 GBPS. Thus, your website’s visitors will also attain an excellent end-user experience. 

  • Private VLAN Subnets

You will get the feasibility to build the private server clusters with your dedicated server in India. It will be made easily possible for you through the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets.

  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

The company renders one IPv4 and IPv6 address to your web business with its india  dedicated server hosting plan. You will also get the privilege to buy extra IPs at additional costs as and when needed.  

  • Service Level Agreement

You will obtain the service level agreement with each hosting plan of a dedicated server in India. It will provide your business website the assurance of a 100% uptime network. This will let your website acquire an elevated visitors ratio. 

  • SSH Root Control

You will get the SSH root control of your dedicated server india. This will enable you to customize and configure your server in a way that suits your business website the best. 

  • Advanced Security Features

The company provides high-level integrated security features with all its dedicated servers. Your business website will acquire DDoS protection, data encryption, SSL certificate, and many other such security layers. Moreover, you will also be allowed to execute protection layers from your end to ensure the complete safety of your website’s data. 


Final Words 

To give a boost to your business website, india dedicated server hosting is your choice. You can gain everything with a cheap dedicated server in india, from flexibility, scalability, root control, to data protection for hosting your website. Furthermore, with Serverwala’s every dedicated hosting plan, you can also obtain additional benefits including billing merchants’ accounts, client management software, etc. Connect with the company’s customer support right away to gain more details about its best-dedicated server in India. Or, you can browse the company’s informational website for the same.

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