Amateur at Bow Hunting

5 Reasons Why You Are Still an Amateur at Bow Hunting

Bowhunting is the earliest and the real way of hunting a game. Most experienced hunters prefer firing an arrow rather than a bullet. Bows not only keep the damage to a minimum but also makes sure the fur and meat aren’t burnt. Find the best bow hunting camo and you will give yourself excellent odds for a successful hunt. But bow hunting is not for everyone; it requires experience, patience, and strength. For all the hunters who are still amateurs at bow hunting, one of the following might be the reasons for it.

  1. Bow Type:

Let’s start with bow types; one of the main reasons you are still an amateur is the type of bow you are using. There are three types of bows and each type has its pros and cons.

  1. Compound Bow: A mechanical bow consisting of cables and pulleys, it is the best one to use for amateurs. The drawing of an arrow takes little strength, the accuracy can be increased with optics, and shooting is really easy.
  2. Curve Bow: As the name suggests, the ends of this bow are curved. This is a completely manual bow; the drawing needs little strength and shooting an accurate arrow needs experience. But it is simple to use and both amateurs and professionals can have a go at it with little practice.
  3. Long Bow: These are longbows that have long and flat ends. These are difficult to use as it requires great upper body strength to draw and aim accurately. Experienced hunters can only use this.
  4. Lack of Practice:

No matter what type of bow you are using, you need to practice and get familiar with it. Go to a shooting range, practice shooting at different distances. The more you practice, the more effortless it is for you to shoot an accurate arrow.

  1. Type of Arrows:

A common mistake made by amateur hunters is the wrong choice of an arrow. There are different types of arrows for hunting; the difference is in their tips. For example, a Bullet and Field tip is used for big game hunting, Judo tips are commonly used for practice, Blunt tips are used for small game, whereas Bow fishing tips are used for fishing. Know the size of your kill and then proceed to use the right arrowhead.

  1. Improper Gear:

Bowhunting requires proper bow hunting gear for an enjoyable hunt. Unfortunately, a lot of amateur hunters don’t recognize this fact. Bowhunting especially requires a lot of patience and skill; improper gear will cause discomfort for the hunter and also affect the hunting experience.   

  1. Get Familiar:

Getting familiar with and knowing about your bow can help you become a better hunter. Know about all its parts, practice with it, and keep it in good shape. If you have a complete know-how of your bow, then drawing the arrow to shooting becomes like clockwork.

Although other tips can help you become a better hunter, the above ones are the most basic and easy to implement.  

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