Great Announcement!

Great Announcement! A New Crypto Platform Just Launched

Have you ever desired to get an account for personal multi currency exchange with the lowest fees? In your search for exchange platforms, you must have come across apps that promise much but in reality are difficult to use.

This doesn’t always have to be that difficult. You can choose the best options for crypto exchange and storage by visiting the Bitcoin Rush service. Another good news is that the Bitcoin Rush website just launched its official website, where getting an account is free of charge.

Opening an Account at Bitcoin Rush and Making Easy Exchanges

Even though crypto has no physical form, the currency is reliable enough to use it in your business transaction or for personal purposes. Every crypto coin is independent of the policies determined by banks or the government. In other words, it is decentralized and no intermediate party can influence the value of Bitcoin or the outcomes of your transaction involving crypto.

Making crypto transactions is still impossible without a good wallet where you store your funds. The wallet will help you send, buy, or sell Bitcoins as well. For those of you wondering if it’s a legal thing to purchase and trade crypto, we can give a definite ‘Yes’. In most countries of the world, exchanging fiat currency for crypto is legalized. However, you need to check the policy of your area concerning the case since many countries allow the operations but include sky-high fees.

So, what do you get when working with the outstanding Bitcoin Rush?

1. No extra fees to pay.

The only fee that Bitcoin Rush is charging goes to the miners who are directly linked to your trading operations. As for the Bitcoin Rush itself, the service requires no pay.

Here it’s vital to specify who the miners are. Basically, these are the people who guarantee the security of purchasing Bitcoins and deal with computational issues using professional equipment for that. When you’ve got a transaction where miners participate, be sure that it’s safe from anybody’s intrusion.

2. Top security for every user.

Thanks to encryption technology, all your personal data remains hidden from the curious eyes of fraudsters. This encryption will also guard your password and account data, including the history of currency exchanges.

3. The best exchange rates.

The rates for buying or selling crypto coins will be low enough allowing you to squeeze the maximum profit out of every trade. If you choose to have the bot provided by external brokers, it would be even easier.

4. The service is open 24/7.

What is special about Bitcoin Rush is that the platform never limits the time given to users for trading. The never-sleeping app hence is open to anybody willing to learn and discover how Bitcoins work and how to make profitable exchanges.

5. Easy user interface.

Here is the brilliant news for beginners: trading at Bitcoin Rush is as easy as 1,2,3. The menu gives you the clues to intuitively figure out how to make the exchange or withdraw the crypto from your account. It is very beginner-friendly so don’t fret if you’re in trading for the first time.

Vital Notes to Keep In Mind When Trading With Bitcoin Rush

The only valuable note to remember is that every transaction aiming at Bitcoins involves a sort of risk. You can’t always predict every possible outcome and count on success. However, thousands of traders become wealthier using Bitcoin Rush and, what is most important, sticking to the definite strategy of exchanging. No great results come out of the blue. A lot of thinking and consistency is needed to reach success in trading at Bitcoin Rush.

What is more, you should be warned that under no circumstance you can lose the key to your personal wallet. This key is a treasure because every crypto coin stored in your account is accessed with its help. If it is lost, there is no way to restore the funds.

Bitcoin Rush is ready to welcome you at any time. Make sure you check out the rules and regulations about Bitcoin trading in your country and be attentive enough to keep your key memorized. If you’ve got any questions about the exchange process at Bitcoin Rush, visit its official website for getting all the details.

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