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7 Most Common Workplace Injuries in Ohio and What to Do When Injured

For many people, becoming seriously injured in their place of work isn’t a huge concern unless they’re working in a high-risk industry, such as construction, fishing and hunting, logging, and roofing. However, workplace hazards can exist in any type of workplace, and a workplace injury can make it difficult or even impossible to return to work. Here’s a look at the seven most common work-related injuries reported in the state of Ohio and what you should do if you’re injured on the job and can’t work— and if you’re injured outside of your workplace and can’t work.

#1: Car Accidents

Some jobs require employees to drive a motor vehicle as a part of their work, and because of this, some Ohio workers are likely to become injured this way. In 2022, there were over 1,175 fatal car wrecks in Ohio— whether they were work-related or not. However, those who drive for work (e.g., bus drivers, delivery drivers, rideshare drivers, etc.) are at the highest risk of being in a motor vehicle accident because they’re in a vehicle more than those who don’t drive for work.

#2: Falling from a Height

This mainly applies to construction jobs and other jobs where working from a height is a common task— including jobs that require employees to climb ladders. Obviously, construction workers falling from a building is much more dangerous and even deadly, but falling a few feet off a ladder can also result in serious injuries.

#3: Overextension

This is one of the most common workplace injuries in the state of Ohio and all over the U.S. among both high-risk and non-high-risk jobs. Overextension refers to lifting, carrying, holding, and pulling/pushing heavy objects incorrectly. Even employees aware of the proper lifting and carrying techniques can have a moment where they forget and become injured as a result.

#4: Repetitive Motions

Repetitive motions can cause strain on certain muscles and tendons simply because they’re being used over and over in the same way. This also includes awkward motions, such as twisting, kneeling/bending, and reaching. Assembly line workers, teachers, grocery store clerks, and office workers are the most at risk for this type of work injury.

#5: Struck by an Object

In some workplaces, heavy items are likely to fall off shelves and injure workers, often resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Warehouses and other workplaces where heavy items are stored on high shelves are most likely to see workers injured in this way. Warehouse workers are also likely to be struck by heavy machinery, or even caught in equipment.  People who work in restaurants, hospitals, and amusement parks are also at risk for this type of injury.

#6: Trips and Slips

Trips and slips are the second most common workplace injuries, as they can happen in any industry. Trips are most likely to happen when there is clutter in a workplace, whereas slips are most likely to happen on a wet or icy surface. Both trips and slips can result in a fall on the same level, as opposed to a fall from a height. Most people try to resist a fall when they trip or slip, and this can also result in an injury, such as a strain.

#7: Violence

Workplace violence is not as common as the other causes of workplace injuries, but it can happen, and it can result in serious injuries and even death. Violent acts can come from other coworkers or even outside visitors, with teachers and healthcare workers being two groups at the highest risk for this type of work injury.

While workplace injuries are always serious to some degree, the good news is that employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover medical bills, recovery costs, lost wages, and even funeral costs if an employee was injured on the job through no fault of their own. However, injuries that have a negative effect on work performance don’t always occur in the workplace. Fortunately, there are disability lawyers in Ohio that can help you get compensation if you were not injured on the job and also if you were.

In most cases, workplace injuries are avoidable (particularly in non-high-risk jobs), but you can’t always avoid getting injured outside of work— and this can affect your ability to work. Whether you were injured outside of work or on the job, there is a way to recover your lost wages.

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