5 secrets of finding a job in self-isolation

Our lives are full of unpredictable changes. A few years ago, no one even thought that in a matter of days the world would face the global tragedy called Covid 19, with all its negative and undesirable consequences: mask, vaccination, self-isolation, remote work, restrictions, uncertainty about the future. Of course, the situation is stressful and frustrating. But to be the winner in this struggle, not to have psychological problems, we will try to be strong, look for a new opportunity in every difficulty making our lives better.

If in the past self-isolation was a rare occurrence, today it seems to have become commonplace for all of us. So we need to take advantage of the opportunity to focus on specific goals, use that time more effectively to achieve the goals, and moving forward.

Now let’s understand what is self-isolation and what are secrets will help you find a job during that period?

What is self-isolation?

Self-isolation means staying at home and not leaving it for the full isolation period (10-14 days).

You must self-isolate if:

  • you have symptoms of coronavirus: fever, dry cough, tiredness, high temperature
  • you are waiting for the results of a test
  • you have received a positive COVID-19 test result
  • you live with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, etc.

There are many things that you can do to avoid boredom or stress and to fill your time, but it is always suggested that you create and maintain a daily routine during self-isolation. An ideal daily routine includes elements of a healthy lifestyle, healthy food, regular exercises, enjoyable activities, dances, reading, positive and motivational TV programs, etc.

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Five secrets of finding a job in self-isolation

  1. Choose the right job search platform

In the past, it was very difficult to search for a job, we had to wait for weeks for newspaper publications to find out about vacancies, or one by one we had to knock on the companys’ doors, then today the Internet has made the process easier, moreover, it has become very interesting and enjoyable. There are hundreds of job search platforms where by filling in a few fields and setting criteria, you can anywhere in the world find many vacancies that meet your requirements.

In order not to be disappointed, you must choose the right job search platform, where are posted fresh, reliable vacancy announcements, employers’ list is regularly updated, where is possible to found complete information about the employers and jobs description.

  1. Decide in which field you want to work

Before starting the job search process, decide which field is most desirable, promising for you, and most importantly, where you will enjoy working. If you have a preferred company, explore the vacancies and prepare to apply, otherwise take the time to look for a company with a high reputation in the field, career growth, explore the site and find detailed information about that company.

  1. Choose a position that matches your education and skills

All too often, when looking for a job, we find high-paying vacancies with excellent working conditions that immediately grab our attention, and we enthusiastically prepare our resumes.

However, before applying for a position, you need to study in detail the requirements and responsibilities for applicants, to understand whether the defined working hours are suitable for you or not, and most importantly, are you psychologically ready to work in that position?

Surely, at any stage of life, people can learn, develop and update their knowledge if they have a great desire. But in order not to take a job as a difficult and unpleasant task, you must first understand whether your education and experience are appropriate and enough for being a good and competitive employee whether the workplace allows you to learn and to grow up as a specialist.

  1. Know your value

One of the best virtues of a person is to evaluate his / her abilities correctly. You should never overestimate or underestimate yourself. You need to develop your strengths more and take advantage of them, and as for weaknesses, you need to work on them and find possible ways to overcome them through training, self-education courses, blogs, expert advice, etc.

  1. Make a strong and professional resume

A good and professional resume is essential because it is your chance to show your qualifications, skills and making a good impression on employers. Therefore, it should be literate, without mistakes, well-written, concise, and complete.

Self-isolation is a good opportunity to look for a job because being alone, you can more clearly define your short-term and long-term goals, focus on a detailed study of the labor market, plan further activities, and find the most effective ways for building a career. Believe in your strengths, never stop learning, you will succeed!

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