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5 Tips To Throw A Perfect Cocktail Party

There is a saying which the party-lovers swear by – if anyone ever tells you that they hate partying, just block them from your socials. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, do you? And come on, don’t all of us have that one friend who says he doesn’t party but ends up getting all boozed?

Well, whether you have that one ‘party-holic in disguise’ friend or not, there is no way one cannot like partying. And when it comes to cocktail parties, one is straight-up lying if they say they have never enjoyed being at one.

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After all, what’s there to not love about cocktail parties? The amazing ambiance, the delicious food, the premium drinks, and a whole lot of people having the time of their lives – sounds like a big mood, right? Well, if this description tempted you to throw a beautiful, little cocktail party at your place, here are 5 tips so that your party doesn’t suffer even the tiniest pinch of flaw:

  1. It all begins with the invitation

First things first – the most important prerequisite for a stunning cocktail party is an invitation that is nothing short of pure class. Think of it – an invitation card so staggering, it makes people reschedule their important events just to be at your party. And how can you do that? By making the invite brief but beautiful! We all know – no one likes reading long and boring invitation letters.

Also, how monotonous are those invitation letters with no speck of art and design? So, make the card look as artsy and chic as possible. Remember, cards over letters, always!

  1. The dress code has to be fabulous

Ugh, do we even need to mention how effing essential it is to decide upon a dress code for the party that oozes creativity? After all, a cocktail party is nothing but a celebration, a day-off filled with entertainment. So why not make it look just as joyous and breathtaking too?

Hence, take a pen and a paper and get to decide about your dress code for the day. Make sure it is in line with your theme for the day. And don’t worry to go a little OTT – the lesser the rules, the more the fun!

  1. Make sure the drinks stock is full

Okay-okay, continuing with this list without mentioning the significance of booze is a criminal offense, we know! And please, this is the last thing that should go wrong when it comes to cocktail parties.

In fact, we even have a mind-boggling stat relating to this – it is estimated that Beer, Wine, and other alcoholic drinks contribute to a staggering $197 billion industry, thanks to cocktail parties!

  1. The food must be a show-stopper

Hey come on, food is a necessity but good food is a luxury. And you sure don’t want to make your guests devoid of this luxury, right? An unpopular opinion, but there is a huge majority of people who come to cocktail parties just for the sake of the mouth-smacking food there.

So, make it worth the wait. We suggest keeping a simple but a good, yummy variety of non-veg and veg entrees like Shrimp Fries and Grilled Hamburgers.  Brownie points for adding a little range of desserts in the menu! Who doesn’t fancy some Tiramisu, after all?

  1. Lastly, it all comes down to the décor

Wait, wait – if you think you can host a decent cocktail party without sparing some good amount of thought to the décor, you are mistaken – big time! The ambiance plays a very important role in making any party a whole blockbuster.

The music and the dance theme should be such that it dwells in with the décor. In current fashion, people do not like going very glam with the decorations, but it is the creativity that matters. Hence, get as creative as you can – there is no limit to it!

Over to you…

Being at a cocktail party is all sorts of fun, but let us save you the surprise – hosting one such party is not the easiest of tasks. Here, we cited 5 tips you must take care of to throw a perfect cocktail party. Let this guide help you plan the best cocktail party!

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