5 Ways to Build Muscle With Vegan Bodybuilding

Chicken and turkey aren’t the only resources you need with regards to protein and bodybuilding. Many successful bodybuilders gain muscle from vegan sources.

If you’re tired of relying on hunks of meat to build muscle, consider vegan bodybuilding.

Eating vegan-sourced protein to excel in bodybuilding introduces you to several health benefits. You consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, packed with all the necessary vitamins.

Consider mangoes, broccoli, and spinach, for example. They contain potassium that aids in strengthening the muscles.

More health-conscious consumers study how protein gets sourced. As a result, vegan bodybuilding is becoming more common. Read here to find out five ways to build muscle with vegan bodybuilding

1. Vegan Bodybuilding Starts With the Right Protein

You can introduce the muscles in the body to plant-based proteins in many ways. Solid foods are the first source. Vegan foods like seitan, tempeh, tofu, and edamame are great starters.

Seitan is a protein derived from wheat. It’s made from gluten and resembles meat when cooked. Several meat-substitutes on the grocery shelves use seitan as a base.

Tempeh, tofu, and edamame come from soybeans. Soybeans are a complete source of protein like most meat products.

Other protein sources like lentils and chickpeas serve the body well too. If you don’t like beans, add some nuts or nut butter to your smoothies to get protein.

2. Take Supplements

Don’t stop at B-12 when trying to build muscle for bodybuilding. If you consume a 100% plant-based diet, include these key nutrients:

These nutrients make up for vitamins and minerals normally sourced through meat products. There are a lot of supplements available in the market. Vegan vitamin gummies are a new form of supplement generating popularity for vegans and vegetarians. These proved to be safe and natural since the ingredients are plant-based.

3. Be Consistent With Your Workout and Diet

Consistency is key when bodybuilding, whether you eat meat or plants. It matters with your workouts as well.

To maintain a healthy body while bodybuilding, you need to eat healthy every day. Your muscles rely on nutrients from food and supplements to keep building. Turning your diet on and off affects your stamina and strength.

The same rings true for working out. You need to work out at least three or more times a week to build muscle. Anything less isn’t worth the effort.

4. Nix the Sugar

Sugar is an enemy to the body, especially when you’re trying to build muscle. Try to stay clear of it while you’re trying to reach your goal.

Light treats are okay on occasion but don’t overdo it. Eat them in moderation and in small portions.

5. Keep Track of Things

Document your journey. Keep a log of what and how much you eat. Also, keep track of how much you exercise.

There are some cool apps you can download that do most of the work for you. They track your eating and exercise habits. Some apps have built-in diet and workouts, so you know how many calories you’re consuming and burning.

Apps also track your gains, which is important in bodybuilding.

Get Building

Vegan supplements and protein sources are the keys to vegan bodybuilding. Start your journey right away to get the body you want. For more information on Veganism check out this article.

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