Are You Starting a Business and Need Office Space? Here’s Why a Serviced Office can be Ideal

Many perks are associated with the serviced office, but not many people are aware of these perks and what a serviced office can do for them. Serviced offices have existed for many years, although it’s only in recent times that more business owners are becoming conscious of their benefits. What makes serviced offices an excellent solution is that they are readily furnished. They already come equipped with utilities and facilities such as conference and meeting rooms, reception areas, and more. But serviced offices have proven incredibly lucrative for business startups, and for good reason. That said, are you starting a business and need office space? Here’s why a serviced office can be ideal for you.

The inclusions

Serviced office solutions may vary from one provider to another, but generally, you can expect specific inclusions such as meeting and conference rooms, a reception area, and cleaning services. More importantly, serviced offices already have built-in, ready-to-use utilities. All you have to do is set up and plug in your office equipment, and you’re good to go. Some serviced offices even have furniture, but if you already have your furniture, you can opt for a serviced office that comes without.

What you can expect

As mentioned, these office spaces will already have utilities, so you don’t have to arrange for installation yourself. But another aspect that distinguishes a serviced office lease from a more traditional lease is that you can have flexible, variable terms. This means you can stay in the serviced office for as little as a month and then simply extend your contract as you go along. And if you would like to leave, you can easily do so as long as you give the provider a month’s notice (this can also vary, but in general, a month’s notice is preferred).

Why can it work for your startup enterprise?

Now here’s the big question: why can it work for your startup enterprise? The thing is that many serviced office providers, such as office lease Manchester specialists like Cariocca Enterprises, will be happy to accommodate you as you grow and expand and face startup challenges.

For instance, if you take on more employees and find that you require a bigger space, then these providers can easily give you the space you need and help you upgrade. In a similar vein, if you need to reduce the size of your team and require a smaller office, they can assist you with this as well.

More reasons why it works for startups

  • There is no downtime

The serviced office works for startups primarily because there is no downtime. You don’t need to lose a day or two’s work just because you are moving into a new office. These offices are ready to use, with telephone, Internet, and electricity already set up.

  • They come with relevant extra services

What’s impressive about serviced offices is that they come with relevant extra services that you can utilize. These include meeting room rental, reception and business services, maintenance and cleaning services, security, and more.

From flexible leasing terms to conference rooms for hire to maintenance and reception services, the serviced office has proven inherently beneficial to numerous startups – and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t benefit you, too.

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